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President Obama announced during his State of the Union Address that he’s putting Vice President Biden in charge of carrying out the “moonshot” to cure cancer that Biden called for following his son’s death.

Flush with cash from the European Union and backed by a phalanx of ultra-loyalist MPs, Viktor Orban, Hungary's prime minister, seems unstoppable. Brushing aside concerns about democracy, the European Commission last month signed a €21.9 billion ($28.2 billion) partnership agreement. Hungary will also get €3.45 billion for rural development and €39m for fisheries http://econ.st/1peQd3d

Google Loon: Google's Second Most Important Project
Google's latest “moonshot” project is Project Loon, a phalanx of balloons that sail in the stratosphere like low level satellites. The objective is to bring broadband capability to less developed parts of the world,

Johnson & Johnson on Thursday recalled several types of Rolaids antacids in the U.S. because of reports of metal and wood particles in the products.

The products include Rolaids Extra Strength Softchews, Rolaids Extra Strength plus Gas Softchews and Rolaids Multi-Symptom plus Anti-Gas Softchews. The company says the materials were potentially introduced into the products during the manufacturing process at an outside manufacturer.
The New Brunswick, N.J., company — which has issued multiple recalls in recent months — is suspending production of the Rolaids products in question.

In November, it recalled Children's Benadryl Allergy Fastmelt Tablets, Junior Strength Motrin Caplets, and Extra Strength Rolaids softchews. It issued that recall after reviewing its manufacturing process in the wake of a series of product recalls over the last year. The company said it found unspecified problems related to Benadryl and Motrin products.

By Sept. 17, Obama must decide whether to slap a 55 percent tariff on tires imported from China, as recommended by a federal trade panel, or leave the matter alone, as a phalanx of lobbyists representing manufacturers in China and U.S. companies that import from them are urging.

n., pl. pha·lanx·es or pha·lan·ges (fə-lăn'jēz, fā-).
  1. A compact or close-knit body of people: “formed a solid phalanx in defense of the Constitution and Protestant religion” (G.M. Trevelyan).
  2. A formation of infantry carrying overlapping shields and long spears, developed by Philip II of Macedon and used by Alexander the Great.
  3. pl. phalanges. Anatomy. A bone of a finger or toe. Also called phalange.
  4. See phalanstery (sense 1).
[Latin phalanx, phalang-, from Greek.]

━━ n.pl. 〜es, pha・lan・ges ) 【古ギリシア】密集部隊; (結束した)軍団[集団]; 同志の集まり; (人・動物の)密集; 【解】指骨, 趾骨(しこつ).


Line breaks: phal|anx
Pronunciation: /ˈfalaŋks /


1(plural phalanxes) A body of troops or police officersstanding or moving in close formation:six hundred marchers set offled by a phalanx ofpolice

1.1group of people or things of a similar typeforming a compact body:he headed past the phalanx of waiting reportersto the line of limos

1.2(In ancient Greece) a body of Macedonianinfantry drawn up in close order with shieldstouching and long spears overlapping.

2(plural phalanges /fəˈlan(d)ʒiːz/) Anatomy bone of the finger or toe.


mid 16th century (denoting a body of Macedonian infantry): via Latin from Greek.

[名](複〜・es, ((また米))〜・ses)
1 [U][C]《物理学》気体(⇒SOLID, LIQUID[名]1);(空気以外の)ガス, (混合)気体.
2 [U]麻酔用ガス, 笑気.
3 [U](燃料用の)ガス, 石炭ガス;毒ガス;(炭鉱の)坑内ガス
fuel gas
4 [U]((米略式))
(1) ガソリン
be out of gas
(2) ((通例the 〜))(自動車などの)アクセル
Take your foot off the gas.
5 [U]((米俗))(腸内の)ガス;((略式))おなら(((英))wind)
have gas
pass gas
6 [U]((俗))むだ話, ほら.
7 ((a 〜))((米))
(1) ((俗))非常に楽しい[すばらしい]人[もの]
It's a gas.
(2) 強く影響を与える人[もの].

Women’s Slap Sole Shoe, 1640-50, England

Women’s Slap Sole Shoe, 1640-50, England

In the ground-floor gallery, the “Status” theme reveals how impractical shoes have been worn to reflect a privileged lifestyle. An example of this is the slap-sole shoe (so-called because in the 17th century, to avoid heels from sinking into the dirt of unpaved roads, a flat sole was added to the bottom of the shoe, creating a slap-slap noise).


  • レベル:大学入試程度
  • 発音記号[slǽp]

1 平手打ち
getgive] a slap on the cheek
2 平手打ちの(ような)音.
3 (痛烈な)非難;(…に対する)拒絶((at ...)).
a slap and tickle
a slap in the face
((略式))横っつらを張られる思い;面と向かっての侮辱, ひじ鉄砲.
a slap on the back
a slap on the wrist
have a slap at ...
━━[動](〜ped, 〜・ping)(他)[III[名]([副])]
1 …を(平たいもので)ピシャリと打つ;〈人の〉(…に)平手打ちをくらわす((in, on ...));往復びんたをくらわす((around));…をピシャリとたたきつける. ⇒HIT[類語]
He slapped her on the cheek. [=He slapped her cheek. ]
2 〈平たい物を〉(…に)たたきつけるように置く((down/on ...))
slap the books down
He slapped down a five dollar bill on the counter.
3 ((略式))…を(さっと)置く, (…に)つける, 塗る((on, onto ...));〈料金・税金などを〉(…に)課す((on ...));…を(…で)取り締まる((with ...))
slap some butter on the bread
slap a new tax on imported cars
Slap a shirt on.
4 〈風が〉〈ほおなどを〉打つ.
━━(自)(…に当たって)(平手打ちのような)音を立てる((at, against ...))
Rain slapped at the window.
[語法]他の動詞の代わりに用いて動作のす早さ, 手荒さなどを暗示する場合がある:slap [throw, put]togetherぞんざいに作り上げる/The drunken driver was slapped into jail. 酒酔い運転者は留置所へぶち込まれた.
slap ... down/slap down ...
(1) ((略式))〈人・行動などを〉やめさせる, 〈人を〉黙らせる;はねつける.
(2) ⇒(他)2
slap in the face
(1) ⇒(他)1
(2) 侮辱する;拒絶する, ひじ鉄砲をくらわす.
1 ピシャリと;突然に.
2 まっすぐに, まともに
slap in the middle of ...
[低地ドイツ語slapp. 擬声語]

Moon shot or moonshot may refer to: