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 Neither carrots nor sticks have swayed China as predicted. http://ow.ly/uSoL30isnAu
The United States has always had an outsize sense of its ability to determine China’s course. Again and again, its ambitions have come up short. After World War II, George Marshall, the U.S. special envoy to China, hoped to broker a peace between the Nationalists and Communists in the Chinese Civi...
 Amazon Stock Soars on Rapid Sales Growth
Amazon's aggressive spending translated into another quarter of outsize growth. Investors looked past the 35% drop in profit, and shares jumped nearly 13% in after-hours trading.

 Forging an Art Market in China


In China's growing art market, now the second largest in the world, outsize auction results often overshadow false sales data and forged art.

Free Checking Could Go the Way of Free Toasters
Overdraft fees had helped to subsidize free checking, but as those fees begin to fall, free checking may disappear.

I.e., some banks have 'free checking' while others charge a fee for not keeping
a 'minimum' balance,or they may charge various service fees. ...

But now, free checking may be an endangered species.
Banks are feeling heat from all sides. This week, President Obama moved to limit the size and activities of the biggest institutions. Last week, he proposed a tax to recover bailout funds.
The biggest impact on checking accounts, however, is likely to come from new regulations governing overdraft protection. Starting in July, banks will need explicit permission from customers before allowing them to use their debit cards to spend more than they have in their bank accounts on a one-time purchase. Similar restrictions will apply to A.T.M. withdrawals.
Banks earn billions in overdraft fees, money that helps pay for free checking.
A chunk of that revenue will disappear when some consumers elect not to sign up for the opportunity to spend more than they have. This week, Bank of America said that $160 million in overdraft fee revenue had already disappeared, because of changes it made in its policies ahead of the new federal rules.
When that money evaporates as other banks comply with the regulations, they’re going to try to make it up some other way, particularly if they’re paying more taxes to the federal government and have fewer ways to trade their way to outsize profits.

Bank Bosses Are Learning to Wing It
One day, business schools will run case studies on the pitfalls of running a state-controlled investment bank. But for the time being, those who find themselves in this tricky situation must make it up as they go along.

In announcing executive pay limits on Wednesday, President Obama is trying to hold the financial industry accountable to taxpayers while aiming to change an entrenched corporate culture that endorses outsize bonuses and perks that often bear little relationship to corporate performance.

That fixation on objects, surfaces and status signifiers also holds up a mirror to the fetishistic obsessions of the present day. It would hardly seem alien to an aspiring red-carpet queen swinging an outsize Balenciaga tote, or to an ambitious young Manhattan trader girded for battle in a Hugo Boss suit.

Hong Ji Min, who plays Effie White, the show’s full-figured, gospel-voiced lead singer, said she struggled to render the deep vocal flavor of the character.

Plus-size model is a term internationally applied to a woman who is engaged primarily in modeling garments that are designed and marketed specifically for larger body sizes and types (see plus-size clothing). These models are also increasingly engaging in work that is not strictly related to selling clothing, i.e. body acceptance imagery, lifestyle and advertising, beauty/cosmetic products, pharmaceuticals, shoes, etc. As such, plus-size models often do not wear garments designed and marketed as plus-size clothing. This is especially true of magazine editorials.

Synonymous and interchangeable with plus-size model is 'full-figured model', 'extended-sizes model', 'outsize model' (predominant usage:UK).

outsize Show phonetics
adjective [before noun]
(especially of clothing) much larger than usual:
They specialize in outsize clothes.

  1. An unusual size, especially a very large size.
  2. A garment of unusual size.
adj. also out·sized (-sīzd')
Unusually large, weighty, or extensive.

wing (NO PREPARATION) Show phonetics
wing it to perform or speak without having prepared what you are going to do or say:
I hadn't had time to prepare for the talk, so I just had to wing it.
19611210 (星期日)

因而談起銀行的存款手續先生說: 〔我過去在一個銀行裏有一個一千元的透支戶,都是買書的款。有了透支戶,買書就方便了。〕


A transactional account is a deposit account held at a bank or other financial institution, for the purpose of securely and quickly providing frequent access to funds on demand, through a variety of different channels.
Transactional accounts are meant neither for the purpose of earning interest nor for the purpose of savings, but for convenience of the business or personal client; hence they tend not to bear interest. Instead, a customer can deposit or withdraw any amount of money any number of times, subject to availability of funds.


Main article: Overdraft
In North America, overdraft protection is an optional feature of a chequing account. An account holder may either apply for a permanent one, or the financial institution may, at its sole discretion, provide a temporary overdraft on an ad-hoc basis.