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wink, shutoff, disconnect, wrapper, connective tissue, connectivity, easy, winkle sth/sb out

James Kirchick: "If fascism has had an allure for some gay men, it is anti-egalitarianism that provides the connective tissue—the belief that homosexuality belongs to an elite caste, an exclusive fraternity existing above the heterosexual masses and destined for greatness."
“He has all that virility,” Steve Bannon told The Spectator of London. “He also had amazing fashion sense, right, that whole thing with the uniforms.” Social media feeds lit up with quips about the homoerotic subtext of Bannon’s…

He managed to bring the spread to a halt when he found what appeared to be a "kill switch" in the rogue software's code.
"It was actually partly accidental," he told the BBC, after spending the night investigating. "I have not slept a wink."

Q. Your main engine for growth is your services business, where you currently generate more than a third of total sales. Where do you see the biggest challenge with that approach?

A. It’s innovation. The reason to buy products is more and more that little level of innovation you get offered on top of the machines or gadgets you buy. While for companies in the connectivity business the challenge is to cut costs and prices, for us the gamble is can I keep innovating?

As boss of Apple, a job he took in 1968 because the Beatles asked him, his loyalty was also tested. Having sorted out the bank accounts and established where the original contracts were, out of the mess left behind by their manager, Brian Epstein, he spent his years defending the brand from Apple Computer and winkling royalties out of EMI, while keeping an eye on media generally. Management was still chaotic and freeloaders legion; but the firm was so profitable, neck-high in gold and platinum discs, that no one seemed to care.

USA Today leads with a look at how rising food and gas prices are hurting people's abilities to keep up with basic bills as utilities are reporting that they're disconnecting many more customers than last year. "We're seeing a record number of shutoffs," the head of the National Energy Assistance Directors' Association said.

McCain Attacks Obama as Too Easy on Iran

Senator John McCain charged that Senator Barack Obama’s policies toward Iraq and Iran would create chaos and endanger the United States and Israel.

  1. 1.
    close and open one eye quickly, typically to indicate that something is a joke or a secret or as a signal of affection or greeting.

    "he winked at Nicole as he passed"
  2. 2.
    (of a bright object or a light) shine or flash intermittently.

    "the diamond on her finger winked in the moonlight"
  1. 1.
    an act of winking.

    "Barney gave him a knowing wink"

easy (COMFORTABLE) Show phonetics
comfortable or calm; free from worry, pain, etc:
They both retired and went off to lead an easy life in the Bahamas.
I don't feel easy about leaving him alone in the house all day.
With the harvest finished, I was able to relax with an easy mind/conscience.
easy was found in the Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary at the entries listed below.
━━ a. 楽な; 容易な ((of)); やさしい ((to do)); 安楽な; ゆったりした; 十分な, たっぷりした; (坂・速度など)ゆるやかな; のん気な; だらしのない (of ~ virtue); 寛大な; 御しやすい; (文体が)平明な; うち解けた; 【商業】(市場が)緩慢な, (商品が)需要が少ない.
 as easy as pie [anything, ABC, winking] とても容易な[に].
 easy mark [game, meat, victim] 〔話〕 お人よし, だまされやすい人.
 easy money 楽に得た金.
 easy on the ear 耳に快い.
 easy on the eye(s) 〔話〕 目の保養になる, 美人の.
 I'm easy. 〔話〕 どっちでも結構です.
 It hasn't been easy. / Things haven't been easy. いろいろあったんだよ.
 on easy street [Easy Street] 〔話〕 裕福で, 楽な身分で.
 on easy terms 分割払いで.
━━ ad. たやすく; 楽に, のんきに; ゆっくり.
 Easier said than done. 〔ことわざ〕 言うのは易しいが行うのは難しい.
 Easy! そうっと, 気をつけて(動けなど).
 Easy all! 【海事】こぎ方やめ.
 Easy come [got], easy go [spent]. 得やすいものは失いやすい, 悪銭身につかず.
 Easy does it! 〔話〕 ゆっくり[のんびり]やるのがよい, 落ち着いて ((Alcoholic Anonymousのスローガンでもある)).
 go easy 仕事をのんびりやる.
 go easy on …をあまり使わない; …に寛大にする.
 go easy with …に寛大にする.
 rest easy 心配しない.
 Stand easy! 【軍】休め.
 Take it [things] easy! のんびりやれ; 落ち着いて; さよなら.
━━ n. 小休止.
 eas・i・ly ━━ ad. 容易に; 安らかに; 疑いもなく.
 eas・i・ness ━━ n. 容易(さ); (文体の)平明; 気楽; 落ち着き.
 easy chair 安楽いす.
 easy・going ━━ a. のんきな; こせこせしない; (足どりが)ゆるやかな.
 easy listening イージーリスニング(音楽).
 easy market 緩慢な市場.
 asy Rider 『イージーライダー』 ((米国映画)).

shutoff 此處指斷電disconnect
  1. A device that shuts something off.
  2. A stoppage; a cessation.
winkle sth/sb out phrasal verb [M] MAINLY UK
to obtain or find something or someone with difficulty:
I managed to winkle the truth out of him eventually.


━━ n. 包む人[もの]; 包み紙; 帯封; A book jacket.(本の)カバー; ゆるい部屋着, 化粧着.

Charles Dickens's Bleak House 例

wrap Show phonetics
verb [T] -pp-
1 to cover or enclose something with paper, cloth or other material:
She wrapped the present and tied it with ribbon.
Wrap the chicken in foil and cook it for two hours.

2 to cover someone with material in order to protect them:
She wrapped the baby in a blanket.
He wrapped a towel around his shoulders.

wrap Show phonetics
1 [C] (US ALSO wrappera loose piece of clothing which is worn tied around the body:
a towelling wrap
a beach wrap

2 [C] a long piece of cloth which a woman wears around her shoulders to keep her warm or for decoration:
a chiffon/silk wrap

3 [U] material which is used to cover or protect objects:
plastic wrap
gift wrap

4 [C] a sandwich made with one piece of very thin bread which is folded around a filling

wrapped Show phonetics
covered with paper or other material:
individually wrapped chocolates

noun [C]
1 a piece of paper, plastic or other material which covers and protects something:
UK sweet/US candy wrapper

2 US FOR wrap (= loose piece of clothing)

noun [C or U]
paper or plastic which covers or protects something:
cellophane wrapping
The new chairs were covered in protective plastic wrappings.

其實這connectivity 遠比底下的定義更廣
只要是信號接通的所有層次都可以A general term indicating the ability to connect two or more items. Generally used when referring to one of:
Network connectivity - connecting and communicating between two or more computers.
Database connectivity - connecting to and communicating with a database.

con・nec・tiv・i・ty n. 【コンピュータ】接続性.

━━ vt. つなぐ, 結合する ((to)); 連絡する; (電話を)つなぐ; (電線・コードなどを)接続する ((with, to)); 【コンピュータ】コネクトする ((ネットワークを介してコンピュータに接続する)); 関係させる ((with)); 連想する ((with)).━━ vi. つながる, 接続する ((with)); 関連[関係]がある ((with)); (重要な)意味がある ((with)); 〔話〕 打つ; 〔話〕 【野】ヒットを打つ; 見事に命中する, (ボールを)真芯(しん)で捉える; 〔米俗〕 成功する.
connect charge 【コンピュータ】コネクト・チャージ, 接続料金.
con・nect・ed ━━ a. 結合[連結]した; 連続した; 姻戚(せき)関係[連絡]のある.
con・nect・ed・ly ad.
con・nect・ing ━━ a. 結合[連結]する; 連絡[接続]する.
connecting rod (内燃機関などの)連接棒.
con・nec・tion, con・nex・ion 〔英〕 n. 連結, 連絡, (列車・船などの)接続; 連絡便, 乗り換え; 関係 ((with, between)); (前後の)脈絡, (思考・表現の)論理的一貫性; 交り, 親しみ; 情交; 親戚[縁故]関係, コネ; (普通pl.) 取引[得意]先.
in connection with …と関連して.
in this [that] connection これ[それ]と関連して, ついでながら.
con・nec・tion・ism n. 【コンピュータ】コネクショニズム ((神経回路網で知能処理モデルを構築する考え方)).
con・nec・tive ━━ a., n. 連結の; 連結物; 【文法】連結詞.
con・nec・tiv・i・ty n. 【コンピュータ】接続性.
connective tissue 【解】結合組織.

Connective tissue - Wikipedia

  1. tissue that connects, supports, binds, or separates other tissues or organs, typically having relatively few cells embedded in an amorphous matrix, often with collagen or other fibres, and including cartilaginous, fatty, and elastic tissues.
    "a thin sheet of connective tissue"
con・nec・tor, con・nect・er ━━ n. 【コンピュータ】コネクタ. 連接器
connect time 【コンピュータ】接続時間.