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DealBook is bringing you coverage of the event, including the speeches from the podium and the chatter on the conference floor. Check back today and tomorrow throughout the day for updates.

As the cash from Wall Street that washed over the art market has begun to dwindle, chatter has surfaced about whether two of the largest auction houses, Sotheby's and Christies, will find themselves on the block soon.

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Dick Cheney: Why So Chatty All of a Sudden?

For a man whose public profile was almost nonexistent while he was a public servant, it's clear from his schedule alone that private citizen Cheney hasn't merely resurfaced — he's gone on the offensive

A little birdie made a visit to Bernie Sanders' lectern at a rally today in Portland, Oregon.
"I think there may be some symbolism here," said Sanders.

Apple Shares Slump on Downgrades
Apple shares tumbled 15% as a pair of analysts cut their ratings on the company, citing elevated risks from weakening consumer spending.

Nobiscus Kahn, professor of Angst, used to cry all over his lectern and ruin his lovingly prepared notes.

Aileen Pincus: Public Speaking: Too Much Information?

Avoiding information overload in oral presentations and learning to speak comfortably without a podium.

Dictionary: po·di·um ('dē-əmpronunciation
n.pl. -di·ums or -di·a (-dē-ə).
  1. An elevated platform, as for an orchestra conductor or public speaker.
  2. A stand for holding the notes of a public speaker; a lectern.
  3. Architecture.
    1. A low wall serving as a foundation.
    2. A wall circling the arena of an ancient amphitheater.
  4. Biology. A structure resembling or functioning as a foot.
[Latin, from Greek podion, base, diminutive of pous, pod-, foot.]


━━ n. (教会の)(単脚)聖書朗読用の台; それに似た講演[演説]台, 書見台.

n. - 矮牆, 指揮台, 腰牆
日本語 (Japanese)
n. - 指揮台, 演壇, 腰壁

elevate Show phonetics
verb [T]
1 FORMAL to raise something or lift something up:
The platform was elevated by means of hydraulic legs.

2 to make someone or something more important or to improve something:
They want to elevate the status of teachers.
These factors helped to elevate the town into the list of the ten most attractive in the country.

3 FORMAL be elevated to sth to be given a higher rank or social position:
He has been elevated to deputy manager.
She was elevated to the peerage (= was given the title 'Lady').

elevated Show phonetics
1 raised:
The doctor said I was to keep my leg elevated.
There is an elevated area at the back of the building.

2 high or important:
She holds a more elevated position in the company.

3 [before noun] greater than is normal or reasonable:
He has a rather elevated idea of his own importance.

4 [before noun] FORMAL literary or formal:
an elevated style/tone
the elevated language of the Psalms

elevation Show phonetics
1 [C or U] the height of a place above the level of the sea:
Atmospheric pressure varies with elevation and temperature.
The crop is not grown at high elevations/above an elevation of 1000 metres.

2 [C] a hill:
The flagpole stands on a small elevation in front of the building.

3 [U] when someone or something is given a more important position:
His elevation to the presidency of the new republic was generally popular.

  1. Inclined to chat; friendly and talkative.
  2. Full of or in the style of light informal talk: a chatty letter.
chattily chat'ti·ly adv.
chattiness chat'ti·ness n.

━━ vi. (ぺちゃくちゃ)しゃべる ((away, on)); (機械が)がたがたいう; (歯が)がちがち鳴る; (鳥・猿が)うるさく鳴く ((away)); (小川が)さらさら流れる.
━━ vt. 早口で(とりとめなく)しゃべる.
━━ n. おしゃべり; (鳥・猿の)鳴き声; がたがた[がちがち]鳴る音; せせらぎ.
chatter・box おしゃべりな人.
chat・ter・er ━━ n.
chat・ter・ing ━━ n. 【コンピュータ】チャタリング, 接点振動.
chattering classes 〔英話〕 (普通the ~) おしゃべり階級(の人々) ((政治・社会などを好んで論ずる教養ある人々)).

chatter Show phonetics
verb [I]
1 to talk for a long time about things that are not important:
She spent the morning chattering away to her friends.
He chattered on about nothing in particular.

2 If animals chatter, they make quick repeated noises:
The gun shot made the monkeys chatter in alarm.

3 If your teeth chatter, they knock together repeatedly because you are very cold or frightened:
I could hardly talk, my teeth were chattering so much.

noun [U]
1 conversation about things that are not important:
I can't concentrate with Ann's constant chatter.

2 the quick repeated noises that some animals make:
He could hear the chatter of birds in the trees overhead.


n.The act or habit of talking idly or rapidly, or of making inarticulate sounds; the sounds so made; noise made by the collision of the teeth; chatter.

Still, it can be hard to predict how different drugs will interact in the body. And many promising candidates will turn out to have side effects — chattering helpfully with one organ, but problematically with another.
“The picture is becoming more and more complicated,” Dr. Saltiel said. “And let’s face it, it was pretty complicated before.”

Published: October 16, 2007

In Diabetes, a Complex of Causes

chattering (′chad·ə·riŋ) (control systems) A mode of operation of a relay-type control system in which the relay switches back and forth infinitely fast.