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bumpkin, cat, Remembrance poppy, hillbilly cat/ night owl

'Television bumpkins shed their crocodile tears only for the dead of First and Second World Wars'

‘Bumpkins’: Appalachian artist creates unflinching hillbilly portraits
Hunter or Hipster, Male, 2012 Young artist Rebecca Morgan creates...

中英對照讀新聞/French baguettes from a vending machine 來自自動販賣機的法國棍子麵包
◎ 張沛元
France is the home of the baguette. But just try getting a fresh one in the evening, or on a holiday, or even in August, when many of the country’s 33,000 bakeries are closed.
Jean-Louis Hecht thinks he has the answer.
The baker from northeast France has rolled out a 24-hour automated baguette dispenser, promising warm bread for hungry night owls, shift workers or anyone else who didn’t have time to pick one up during their bakery’s opening hours.
"This is the bakery of tomorrow," proclaimed Hecht, who foresees expansion in Paris, around Europe and even the U.S. "If other bakers don’t want to enter the niche, they’re going to get decimated."
For now, though, that’s a lot of talk.
He’s only operating two machines-one in Paris, another in the town of Hombourg-Haut in northeastern France-each next to his own bake shops. The vending machines take partially precooked loaves, bake them up and deliver them steaming within seconds to customers, all for euro. (AP)

vending machine:名詞,自動販賣機。
roll out something/roll something out:片語,公開推出提供新產品或服務。例句:The provider plans to roll out its new Internet access service next week.(供應商計畫下週推出新的網際網路存取服務。)
night owl:名詞,形容人晚上熬夜不睡覺;夜貓子。例句:My brother is a night owl and usually plays video games until 5:00 A.M.(我弟是夜貓子,總是打電玩打到清晨5點。)

Remembrance poppy

The remembrance poppy is an artificial flower, which has been used since 1921 to commemorate military personnel who have died in war, and represents a common or field poppy, Papaver rhoeas. Wikipedia

  1. an unsophisticated or socially awkward person from the countryside.
    "she thought Tom a bit of a country bumpkin"
    synonyms:yokelcountry cousinrusticcountrymancountrywoman, country dweller, son/daughter of the soil, peasantprovincial...


Definition of hillbilly in English:

NOUN (plural hillbillies)

North American
1informal , chiefly derogatory An unsophisticated country person, as associated originally with the remoteregions of the Appalachians.
2old-fashioned term for country music.[AS MODIFIER]: he played sweet hillbilly guitar


early 20th century: from hill + Billy (pet form of the given name William).

Hillbilly is old school country music, while a cat is someone cool, presumable in the knowledge of good music (originally from the 30s jazz/swing slang). Elvis Presley started his career making a blend of hillbilly and rhythm n'blues that now we call rockabilly (an early style of rock and roll). Back in 1954 there was no specific market for it, since it was something new, so he played the country & western circuit despite his music been r'n'r (rockabilly) instead of hillbilly. Other publicity name that he used around the time was 'King of western bop'.
Recommended reading:
Last train to Memphis; the rise of Elvis Presley (Peter Guralnick).
Go Cat Go! Rockabilly Music and Its Makers (Craig Morrison).
Good Rockin' Tonight, Sun Records and the Birth of Rock 'n' Roll (Colin Escott with Martin Hawkins).
Recommended listening: Any compilation with Elvis recordings for SUN records.

Read more: http://wiki.answers.com/Q/Why_was_Elvis_called_the_hillbilly_cat#ixzz1N2JtF2HJ

(1) 猫(▼((鳴き声))((米))meow, ((英))miaow, purr, yowl. ((種類))Angola, Burmese, Persian, Siameseなど)
a he-cat
a she-cat
A cat has nine lives.
((ことわざ)) 猫は九生ある(なかなか死なない)
A cat may [can] look at a king.
((ことわざ)) 猫は平気で王様を見る;どんな身分の卑しい人にもそれなりの権利がある;こっちにも意地ってものがある
When [While] the cat's away, the mice will play.
((ことわざ)) 猫がいないとネズミが遊びまわる;鬼のいぬ間に洗濯.
(2) ネコ科動物(ライオン・トラ・ヒョウなど;big catともいう).
2 [U]猫の毛(皮).
3 猫のような人, (猫のように)よくひっかく子;((古風・軽蔑))(うわさ話の好きな)意地悪女.
4 ((主に米俗))(一般に)人, やつ, 男;ジャズ狂;遊び人.
5 ((the 〜))((略式))=cat-o'-nine-tails.
6 ((主に英))棒打ち遊び;それに使う棒.
9 《海事》収錨(しゅうびょう)テークル:錨(いかり)を引き上げる滑車装置.
10 ((英略式))=cat burglar.
11 ((俗))売春婦;女性器, 女陰.
bell the cat
cats and dogs
(1) 大量に
rain cats and dogs
(2) 犬猿の仲
agree like cats and dogs
(3) ((米俗))ぼろ株(⇒CAT-AND-DOG);(商品の)はんぱな詰め合わせ.
enough to make a cat laugh
(Has the) cat got your tongue?
なぜ黙ってるの, 少しはしゃべったら.
▼「猫に舌でも取られたの」の意:Lost your tongue?ともいう.
let the cat out of the bag
▼市場で猫を袋に入れて生まれたての子豚と偽って売っていたが, 中を調べられてうそがばれた話から.
like a cat on a hot tin roof[=((英))hot bricks]
like cat and dog
激しく(いがみ合って), 犬猿の仲で.
look like something the cat dragged [brought] in
〈人・服が〉ひどくむさくるしい, ひどく汚れた.
look like the cat that ate [swallowed] the canary
look what the cat brought in
not have a cat in hell's chance
((英俗))(…の)成功の見込みがまったくない((of doing)).
put [set] the cat among the pigeons [the canaries]
see [watch] which way [=how] the cat jumps
((略式))形勢を見る, 日和見する, 「ひよる」.
the cat's meow [pajamas, ((英))pyjamas, whiskers]
((俗))すばらしいもの, 重要なもの, 偉い人.
There is more than one way [=There are more ways than one] to skin a cat.
turn the cat in the pan
寝返る, 私欲のため変節する.
wait for the cat to jump
=see which way the CAT jumps.
walk back the cat
(どこに誤りがあったかをはっきりさせるために)調べ直す, 再検討する.
━━[動](〜・ted, 〜・ting)(他)
1 …を九尾の猫むち(cat-o'-nine-tails)で打つ.
2 《海事》〈錨(いかり)を〉引き上げて吊錨(ちょうびょう)架にかける.
1 ((英俗))吐く(vomit).
2 ((俗))女の尻(しり)を追い回す((around)).
3 ((俗))忍び足で歩く.