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dismiss, booted, dismissive, dismisser, neither free nor fair, cashier, Termination for cause

Spain Dismisses Catalonia Government After Region Declares Independence


Spain's prime minister said the central government would take control of Catalonia, and he dissolved the regional parliament and ordered new elections.

WSJ Opinion: President Trump fired James Comey late Tuesday, and better now than never. The FBI Director has committed more than enough mistakes in the last year to be dismissed for cause.


"You had someone as despicable as Hitler who didn't even sink to using chemical weapons. So you have to, if you are Russia, ask yourself: Is this a country and a regime that you want to align yourself with?"
SEAN SPICER, the White House press secretary, suggesting that President Bashar al-Assad of Syria was worse than Hitler while saying, incorrectly, that Hitler did not use chemical weapons during World War II or against his own people. He said later in a statement that he did not intend to be dismissive of the Holocaust. (GAS)

"I'm still a Republican, but I can't vote for Donald Trump after that way I was treated."

After making it to the round of 16, a Harvard video game squad was booted from their tournament for cheating.

Xi Jinping will relish the chance to consolidate power: loyalists get promotions, rivals get booted.

Once a Chekhov dismisser, Hilton Als is now a devoted fan.

“The Cherry Orchard,” at BAM, aches with fascination with fashion and snobbism, and how the limits of each can make life tragic.

Supreme Court Dismisses Oklahoma Abortion Case7

Critics Deride Medvedev Overhauls
Russian President Dmitry Medvedev promised sweeping steps to open up the political system and fight corruption. But the measures were largely dismissed by Kremlin critics.

Western democracies broadly dismissed Sunday's election in Myanmar, saying it was neither free nor fair, and violence erupted on the Thai border as ballots were counted.

How many men have been cashiered out of the army in disgrace for alleged disobedience.
 On May 11, 1973, charges against Daniel Ellsberg for his role in the Pentagon Papers case were dismissed by Judge William M. Byrne, who cited government misconduct.

Mr Schmidt – wearing a disarming smile – is politely dismissive of those who say that Google's internal culture is largely to blame for the controversy plaguing the company.

 Dismissal not justified, Germany's Federal Labor Court rules

Germany's Federal Labor Court has cancelled an earlier court ruling that
upheld the firing of a cashier who pocketed coupons worth 1.30 euros. The
woman, known in the media as "Emmely," can return to her supermarket job.

Termination for cause is serious business. Employers and employees have many reasons for parting ways, but employment termination for causeis not a desirable outcome - for either the employer or the employee. Termination for cause generally occurs when an employee makes a severe error in actions or judgment.Sep 6, 2016



1[WITH OBJECT AND ADVERBIAL OF DIRECTION] Kick (something) hard in a specified direction:he ended up booting the ball into the stand
1.1(boot someone offinformal Force someone to leave a vehicle unceremoniously:a guard booted two children off a train
1.2(boot someone outinformal Force someone to leave a place or jobunceremoniously:she had been booted out of school

2Start (a computer) and put it into a state of readiness for operation:the menu will be ready as soon as you boot up your computer[NO OBJECT]: the system won’t boot from the original drive
3US Place a wheel clamp on (an illegally parked car):once a car is booted, the owner must pay all fines plus a fee to have the boot removed

  1. Serving to dismiss.
  2. Showing indifference or disregard: a dismissive shrug.


[L. dimissio. See Dimit, and cf. Dismission.]
Leave to depart; a dismissing. [Obs.] Barrow.

(dĭs-mĭs') pronunciation
tr.v., -missed, -miss·ing, -miss·es.
  1. To end the employment or service of; discharge.
  2. To direct or allow to leave: dismissed troops after the inspection; dismissed the student after reprimanding him.
    1. To stop considering; rid one's mind of; dispel: dismissed all thoughts of running for office.
    2. To refuse to accept or recognize; reject: dismissed the claim as highly improbable.
  3. Law. To put (a claim or action) out of court without further hearing.
  4. Sports.
    1. To eject (a player or coach) for the remainder of a game.
    2. To put out (a batter) in cricket.
[Middle English dismissen, from Medieval Latin dismittere, dismiss-, variant of Latin dīmittere : dī-, dis-, apart; see dis- + mittere, to send.]
dismissible dis·miss'i·ble adj.
dismission dis·mis'sion (-mĭsh'ən) n.
SYNONYMS   dismiss, boot, bounce, can, cashier, discharge, drop, fire, sack. These verbs mean to terminate the employment of: was dismissed for insubordination; was booted for being late; afraid of being bounced for union activities; wasn't canned because his uncle owns the business; will be cashiered from the army; resort workers discharged at the end of the season; was dropped for incompetence; was fired unjustly; a reporter sacked for revealing a confidential source. See also synonyms at eject.

1 〈人の集まりを〉解散[散会, 退散]させる;〈人を〉去らせる, 行かせる, 引き取らせる;…に退出を命令[許可, 要請]する
The class is dismissed.
You are dismissed.
The suspect was dismissed after questioning.
容疑者は尋問のあと, 放免された.
2III[名]([副])]〈人を〉解任[免職, 解雇]する, (職務などから)去らせる((from ...))
dismiss a clerk
dismiss a student from school
3III[名]([副])]〈人・考えなどを〉(念頭から)追い出す, 捨てる, 忘れてしまう((from ...))
dismiss one's fear
I have dismissed her from my thoughts.
4 〈人を〉はねつける;〈提案・要求などを〉退ける(reject);〈討議中の問題などを〉簡略に[さっさと]かたづける;[V[名]as[形][[名]]]〈提案・意見などを〉(…だと)かたづけてしまう
dismiss a plea
He dismissed the proposal as trivial.
5 《法律》〈訴え・申し立て・上訴などを〉却下[棄却]する
Case dismissed.
6 《クリケット》〈打者・チームを〉アウトにする.
[中ラテン語 (dis-離れて+mittere送る+-ss-)]

How to Get Loyalty Card Prices Without Loyalty Cards

Two apps, Cardstar and Key Ring, serve as repositories for your loyalty shopping card numbers. You just hand your phone to the cashier at checkout.


cash • ier1
cashiers (複数形)
1 (小売店・ホテルなどの)現金出納係, レジ係.
2 (会社の)出納係.
3 ((米))(現金収支担当の)出納局長;出納主任;((英))(銀行の)出納係.
[中オランダ語←中フランス語cassier (casseお金の箱+-ier). △CASE2 She was cashiered from the school.


Line breaks: cash|ier
Pronunciation: /kaˈʃɪə, kə-/


1Dismiss (someone) from the armed forces in disgrace because of a serious misdemeanour:he was found guilty and cashiered
1.1INFORMAL Suspend or dismiss from an office or position:the team owner had been cashiered for consorting with a gambler


late 16th century (in the sense 'dismiss or disband troops'): from Flemish kasseren 'disband (troops)' or 'revoke (a will)', from French casser 'revoke, dismiss', from Latin quassare (see quash).


cash • ier2
cashiered (過去形) • cashiered (過去分詞) • cashiering (現在分詞) • cashiers (三人称単数現在)
1 〈人を〉解雇する;〈軍人・役人を〉(懲戒)免職する.
2 …を捨てる, 排除する.
[中オランダ語←ラテン語quassāre(こなごなにする). △QUASH2