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beat sb to/into, defer, deferral, dweeby, alarmist, beat-up, take superdelegate's time, carry-on, it won't be cheaper than one, succession path

Some ministers are suggesting that it would be wise to put off the formal invocation of Article 50 until mid-2017 or even later. Yet Britons voted by a clear margin to leave the EU. So what is the argument for deferral?

Megyn Kelly's much-hyped interview became a soft deferral to the grandeur of Donald Trump, Amy Davidson writes.

Duct tape and what's left of a wheel tell the story of the author's old carry-on bag. At right, the model he chose to replace it.

Frugal Traveler

Hunting for the Best Carry-On Bag


In desperate need of a replacement for his aging, beat-up carry-on, the Frugal Traveler wheels, lifts and zips candidates until he finds a worthy successor.
Samsung Said to Be Preparing to Unveil Smart Watch
The wristwatch, which can make phone calls, play video games and send e-mails, is expected to be introduced next month and potentially beat Apple to market.

Pay Deferrals for Bankers Are Tougher in Europe


In an effort to deter the kinds of short-term risks that led to the financial crisis, European banks are deferring as much as 70 percent of the compensation granted to top employees. 

倫敦奧運宣傳主題曲 Anywhere in the World,它將運動和音樂的聲音完美融合。這支單曲目前已經可以在線上訂購,是可口可樂品牌隨樂而動(Move to the Beat™)廣告活動的核心。


A Disco in Your Car
The most advanced model of the Mixtrax car receiver, the AVH-P8400BH ($650), not only plays back the Mixtrax lists with effects, but it lets you change the beats per minute of the music as it plays.

Facebook's Secret Code

By Dan Fletcher
Probably not a big shocker that the minds behind Facebook are a little dweeby. Proof postive? They've incorporated an old video game cheat code into the site

Toshiba Sells Lighter Tablet
Toshiba will sell a 10-inch tablet that is lighter than the iPad, but it won't be cheaper than one.

Intel reshuffled its senior management, naming a chief operating officer among other positions, and possibly setting up a succession path 繼任計畫 to replace Chief Executive Paul Otellini.

Bad Year for Wall St.
Not Reflected in Chiefs' Pay Wall Street stocks and profits took a beating in 2011. But there is one corner of the Street that took a lighter hit: the compensation paid to chief executives.

Three big banks disclosed on Friday what their top executives will receive in deferred stock for their work in 2011. Such stock is expected to make up most of their bonus as banks are increasingly paying employees more in deferred stock. Those awards to top bank executives are coming as lower-level employees are finding out that their own bonuses will be much smaller than a year ago.

Amazon Steps Up Digital Music Rivalry
Amazon.com started an online service that would let people store digital music and access it from computers and Android devices, beating rivals Apple and Google into the new market.

Samsung Said to Be Preparing to Unveil Smart Watch
The wristwatch, which can make phone calls, play video games and send e-mails, is expected to be introduced next month and potentially beat Apple to market.

beat 3 succeed in getting somewhere ahead of (someone):the defender beat him to the ball
可能雙義 "打"拍子:

To practice "a politically committed and morally engaged anthropology," as Nancy Scheper-Hughes later put it, Ph.D.s needed to transform themselves from dweeby academics into "alarmists and shock troopers," fighting "the layers of acceptance, complicity, and bad faith that allow the suffering and the deaths to continue."

take superdelegate's time

German government defers bailout decision for Opel 

The German government has deferred making a decision on whether to bail out the struggling automaker Opel. Government spokesperson Thomas Steg said the German cabinet agreed that current proposals for saving the General Motors subsidiary were inadequate and that no final decision to offer it public support would be made before the end of the month. Chancellor Angela Merkel's grand coalition is split over how to respond to Opel's woes. GM Europe has presented a restructuring plan to the government which foresees partly spinning off Opel. It says the independent unit would need some 3.3 billion euros in state aid.

U.S. Superdelegates May Defer Decision
Dozens of superdelegates may throw their support behind Barack Obama after polls close in Montana and South Dakota on Tuesday, possibly settling the nomination within days. But other superdelegates say they will take their time.

verb [T] -rr-
to delay something until a later time; to postpone:
My bank has agreed to defer the repayments on my loan while I'm still a student.
[+ ing form of verb] Can we defer making a decision until next week

noun [C or U] (ALSO deferral)

民主黨之超級代表 superdelegates 說,他們會仔細思量選(提名 nominate)那位 選總統。


('pər-dĕl'ĭ-gāt', -gĭtpronunciation
An elected official or political party leader who attends a presidential nominating convention and who may or may not have made a commitment to vote for a candidate.

take your time
1 said to mean that you can spend as much time as you need in doing something, or that you should slow down

2 DISAPPROVING to do something too slowly:
The builders are really taking their time.


Pronunciation: /dɪˈfəː/
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verb (defers, deferring, deferred)

[with object]
  • put off (an action or event) to a later time; postpone:they deferred the decision until February
  • Law (of a judge) postpone (a sentence) so that the circumstances or conduct of the defendant can be further assessed:the judge deferred sentence until 5 April for background reports
  • US historical postpone the conscription of (someone): he was no longer deferred from the draft






late Middle English (also in the sense 'put on one side'): from Old French differer 'defer or differ', from Latin differre, from dis- 'apart' + ferre 'bring, carry'. Compare with defer2 and differ

Spelling rule

If a verb ends with a single vowel plus a consonant, and the stress is at the end of the word (as in refer), double the last letter when adding -ing or -ed: (defers, deferring, deferred).

Do not confuse differ with defer. Differ means 'be different' (our tastes differ, especially in cars), whereas defer means 'put something off until later' (I deferred the decision until May).


Pronunciation: /dɪˈfəːr(ə)l/ 


postponement of an action or event:they agreed to a deferral of industrial actionthey can offer deferrals on loan repayments[MASS NOUN]: it is unclear whether deferral of feeding is beneficial

(ə-lär'mĭst) pronunciation
A person who needlessly alarms or attempts to alarm others, as by inventing or spreading false or exaggerated rumors of impending danger or catastrophe.[名]人騒がせな人;心配性の人.

alarmism a·larm'ism n.

A person regarded as socially inept or foolish, often on account of being overly studious.

[Origin unknown.]
dweebs (複数形)


Of, relating to, or befitting the characteristics of a dweeb (a despised person whom people look down on because they're despicably unorthodox and awkward in every aspect; uncool, nerdy, geeky
"Man, for Adrianne to break out a puzzle in the middle of watching the basketball game was really dweeby of him. Let's go beat him up," said Jake.


Line breaks: beat-up


informal Worn out by overuse; in a state of disrepair.More example sentences
  • He started by getting into his beat-up old car and driving around the city going through people's garbage looking for things he could fix up and sell.
  • Although we're rattling our way along Dumbarton Road in nothing but a beat-up Ford Fiesta it really feels like we're out here cruising on the edge of the world.
  • There's a half-facetious saying there: whoever is driving the most beat-up car has right-of-way.

  1. A stroke or blow, especially one that produces a sound or serves as a signal.
  2. A pulsation or throb.
  3. Physics. A variation in amplitude that results from the superpositioning of two or more waves of different frequencies. When sound waves are combined, the variation is heard as a pulsation in the sound.
  4. Music.
    1. A steady succession of units of rhythm.
    2. A gesture used by a conductor to indicate such a unit.
  5. A pattern of stress that produces the rhythm of verse.
  6. A variable unit of time measuring a pause taken by an actor, as for dramatic effect.
    1. The area regularly covered by a reporter, a police officer, or a sentry: television's culture beat.
    2. The reporting of a news item obtained ahead of one's competitors.
  7. often Beat A member of the Beat Generation.
  • 発音記号[bíːt][動](beat, 〜・en or beat)(他)
1III[名]]…を(激しく続けざまに)打つ, たたく, (罰として)殴る(⇒HIT[類語]);[V[名][形]]…を打って(…の状態に)する
beat one's breast
beat a dog with a stick
beat a person black and blue
2III[名]([副])]〈敵・競争相手などを〉打ち負かす;…に(試合などで)勝つ, を破る((in ...))(⇒DEFEAT(他)1);((略式))…よりよい, をしのぐ
beat one's rival in the election
You beat me in French.
Can you beat that [it]?
You can't beat bungee jumping for excitement.
If you can't beat them, join them.
((ことわざ)) 負かせない相手なら仲間になれ;長いものには巻かれろ.
3III[名]([副])]〈太鼓・音を〉打ち鳴らす, 響かせる;〈伝言・合図などを〉太鼓で伝える((out));〈鳥が〉〈翼を〉ばたつかせる, パタパタ動かす;〈空に〉羽ばたく
beat a drum
beat (out) a tango rhythm
beat a message [an alarm]
The bird beat its wings.
4III[名][副]/V[名][形]]〈金属などを〉打ち延ばす, 〈刃物などを〉打って作る((out));…を打って(…に)する((into ...))
beat gold into gold leaf
beat their swords into plowshares
5 …を(…に)打ちつける((against ...));…にぶつかる
beatone's head against the wall
6 〈卵白などを〉強くかき混ぜる, 撹拌(かくはん)する(stir);…をかき回してあわだてる, かき回して(…に)する((up/to, into ...))
beat cream
7 …を撃退する, 押しのける, (地位から)追い出す;〈蚊などを〉追い払う((away, off, back)).
8 〈考え方・習慣などを〉(人に)(繰り返し努力して)たたき込む, 作り上げる((into ...));(人に)捨てさせる((out of ...))
We couldn't beat the idea out of his head.
9 〈記録を〉破る
beat the record
10 …の理解を拒む, をとまどわせる, 困惑させる(puzzle);…を参らせる, 挫折(ざせつ)させる
Beats me!
わからん, 知るもんか
It beats me [What beats me is] how you get such high marks without studying.
11 …より先に着く[する], に先行する;…を出し抜く
beat the deadline
beat the curfew
12 …を和らげる, 避ける;…の埋め合わせをする
beat the hot weather by swimming
beat the heat
13 ((米俗))…をだます, ごまかす((out));〈人を〉ごまかして(金品を)だまし取る((out of ...));〈列車などに〉ただ乗りする;〈料金を〉踏み倒す;〈信号を〉無視して進む
beat the taxes
beat a traffic light
14 〈非難・罰などを〉免れる, 避ける, 回避する.
15 《音楽》〈拍子を〉とる
beat time to the music
16 《狩り》〈やぶなどを〉たたいて(獲物を)捜す, 捜し回る((for ...))
beat the woods for game
1I([副])](…を)(続けざまに)どんどん打つ, たたく((at, on ...))
beat at [on] the door
2 〈心臓が〉打つ, 鼓動する. ⇒PULSATE(自)1
The news made her heart beat faster.
3I([副])]〈雨・風・波などが〉(…に)打ちつける, 激しく当たる((against, on ...));〈翼が〉パタパタする, ぱたつく
rain beating against the windows [on the roof]
4 〈太鼓などが〉ドンドン鳴る, 鳴り響く;(太鼓などをたたいて)合図する
We heard the drums beating in time to the march.
5 ((略式))勝つ, 勝利を得る(win).
6 〈卵・クリームなどが〉混ざる, あわ立つ.
7 (獲物を求めてやぶの中などを)打ってあさる, 捜し回る.
8 〈帆船が〉間切る, Z字形に風上へ進む((about)).
beat about
(1) (…を見つけようと)捜し回る, あさり歩く, 捜し求める((for ...))
beat about for a solution
(2) ⇒(自)8
beat around
beat back
[beat ... back/beat back ...]
(1) ⇒(他)6
(2) 〈炎などを〉(たたいて)食いとめる.
beat down
(1) 〈雨・光などが〉(…に)激しく降り注ぐ((on ...))
The sun beat down on our backs.
(2) 〈災害などが〉(…を)襲う((on ...)).
beat ... down/beat down ...
(1) 〈人を〉押さえつける(subdue);…を打ち倒す.
(2) ((略式))〈商人に〉値引きさせる;〈値段を〉(…まで)負けさせる((to ...)).
beat ... in/beat in ...
beat it
beat off
(1) オナニーをする, 「マスをかく」.
(2) むだに時間を過ごす.
[beat ... off/beat off ...]
(1) ⇒(他)6
(2) 〈ほこりなどを〉払い落とす
beat snow off from the coat
beat ... out/beat out ...
(1) ⇒(他)2, 3, 13
(2) ((米略式))…を打ち負かす;…をしのぐ.
(3) 《木工》〈ほぞ穴を〉彫る.
(4) 〈話などを〉大急ぎで作り上げる.
(5) ((しばしば受身))…をへとへとにさせる.
(6) 〈火を〉たたいて消す.
(7) 《野球》〈平凡なゴロを〉足で内野安打にする.
beat a person to it
((略式))〈人の〉先手を打つ, 〈人を〉出し抜く
beat ... up/beat up ...
(1) 〈人を〉袋だたきにする.
(2) ⇒(他)5
(3) …に不意打ちを食わす, を奇襲する.
(4) 〈新兵・志願兵などを〉募集する;…を狩り出す, 捜す. ⇒BEAT-UP
beat up on ...
〈人を〉(言葉で, または肉体的に)打ちのめす
beat up on oneself
beat one's way
1 打つこと, 殴打, 激打;一打ち(stroke).
2 (太鼓などを)打つ音;(波などが)ぶつかる音;(心臓の)鼓動, 脈拍;(時計の)時を刻む音
the beat of horse's hoofs
the beat of the hail on the window
3 (警官・夜番などの)巡回(区域);(配達人の)受け持ち区域;専門分野, 本領
a policeman's beat
a cop on [off] the beat
pound the beat
(1) 《音楽》拍, 拍子, ビート;ビートのきいた音楽
without missing a beat
(2) (指揮棒などの)一振り(stroke).
(3) 《物理学》(振動の)うなり.
5 (台本用語で)間(ま), 呼吸.
6 《韻文》(詩脚の)強音.
(1) スクープ;特種. ⇒SCOOP[名]3
(2) (記者の)受け持ち範囲, 報道領域.
8 ((しばしばB-))((略式))=beatnik.
9 ((the 〜))((俗))(…に)まさるもの, しのぐもの((of ...))
I have never seen the beat of her for elegance.
10 ((俗))ろくでなし, 浮浪者.
get a beat on ...
((米))…より優位に立つ, を出し抜く.
miss a beat
(1) (心臓が)止まりそうになる.
(2) ((否定文で))あわてる.
off [out of] a person's beat
(人の)専門外で, 畑違いで.
off (the) beat
(1) ⇒[名]3
(2) 調子が狂って;不規則で.
on a person's beat
(人の)専門で, 得意で.
on the beat
(1) ⇒[名]3
(2) 調子が整って[合って].
1 疲れきって
dead beat
be beat and vexed
2 ((しばしばB-))((限定))ビート族の. ⇒BEATNIK
3 ((略式))打ち負かされた;意気消沈した;あっけにとられた.
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