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toxic, chemicals, poison, pest, foodborne illness/foodborne disease flash flood, canabis(pot), "poisoning the well"

Vincent Graham, a center manager, helped Mark Paquette, a patient with a marijuana order.
In 2 States, Corner Cannabis Store Nears Reality


The sale of the drug will be legal in Colorado and Washington next month, and some observers predict other states will soon follow suit.

He blamed the 2003 Iraq war for "poisoning the well" of public opinion against British military interventions in the Middle East. 民意井中下毒

Former Trader Is Found Liable In Fraud Case

 Fabrice Tourre, the former Goldman Sachs trader at the center of a toxic mortgage deal sold to investors on the eve of the financial crisis, was found liable on six of the seven civil charges against him.

Accepting That Good Parents May Plant Bad Seeds
We marvel at the resilient child who survives the most toxic parents, yet the converse - the notion that some children might be the bad seeds of more or less decent parents - is hard to take.


German court allows patients to grow own pot

A German court has ruled in favor of allowing seriously ill patients to

grow their own cannabis for medical treatment. But the ruling, with certain

stipulations, could still prevent self-cultivation for some patients.

Op-Ed Columnist
Big Chem, Big Harm?

Chemicals in everything from canned food to A.T.M. receipts could affect you, your children and your children's children.

Cannabis factoryDrug farms 'steal £200m of power'

Cannabis farmers across the UK steal electricity costing about £200m every year to grow their illegal crops, according to new figures.

Melting glaciers hold poisonous secret

The disappearance of glaciers can lead to further climate change, terrible
flash floods and drastically reduce the amount of available fresh water,
but what if they also released something much worse?

The DW-WORLD Article

Spectrum | 05.08.2008 | 04:30

Using Nuclear Technology to Combat the Olive Fruit Fly Pest

Homer wrote about it in his Odyssey, Hippocrates rated it as both a food and a medicine and its leaves were found in the tomb of Tutankhamen. We're talking about the olive – consumed by millions around the globe as a tasty fruit and as olive oil.

And it’s not only humans who enjoy the fruit, but also pests – especially the Olive Fruit Fly which causes considerable damage to olive crops. That’s why scientists at the UN’s Joint Division of the Food and Agriculture Organisation and the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) are using nuclear technologies to develop techniques to combat this pest.
From Seibersdorf, Austria, Louise Potterton has this report

The Poison Garden is a spooky fenced-off area with about 100 varieties of toxic plants, as well as cannabis and opium poppies.

Foodborne illness (also foodborne disease and colloquially referred to as food poisoning)[1] is any illness resulting from the food spoilage of contaminated food,pathogenic bacteriaviruses, or parasites that contaminate food,[2] as well as chemical or natural toxins such as poisonous mushrooms.
食源性疾病foodborne illnessfoodborne disease),俗稱食物中毒food poisoning[1]),泛指所有因為進食受污染食物致病細菌、病毒,又或被寄生蟲[2]化學品天然毒素(例如:有毒蘑菇)感染了的食物。根據如上各種致病源,食物中毒可以分為以下四類,即:
  • 食物中毒既不包括因暴飲暴食而引起的急性胃腸炎、食源性腸道傳染病(如傷寒)和寄生蟲病(如囊蟲病),也不包括因一次大量或者長期少量攝入某些有毒有害物質而引起的以慢性毒性為主要特徵(如致畸、致癌、致突變)的疾病。

noun [C or U]
a substance that can make people or animals ill or kill them if they eat or drink it:
The pest control officer put bowls of rat poison in the attic.
Her drink had been laced with a deadly poison.

verb [T]
1 to kill a person or animal or to make them very ill by giving them poison:
Four members of the family had been poisoned, but not fatally.

2 to put poison in someone's food or drink:
He said that someone had poisoned his coffee.

3 to add dangerous chemicals or other harmful substances to something such as water or air:
The chemical leak had poisoned the water supply.

4 to spoil a friendship or another situation, by making it very unpleasant:
The long dispute has poisoned relations between the two countries.

noun [C]
a person who has killed or harmed someone using poison

poisoning noun [U]
an illness caused by eating, drinking or breathing a dangerous substance:
alcohol/lead poisoning

1 very harmful and able to cause illness or death:
poisonous chemicals
Can you tell the the difference between poisonous mushrooms and edible varieties?

2 very unpleasant and hurtful:
He said some poisonous things to me.



Pronunciation: /ˈtɒksɪk/
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  • 1poisonous:the dumping of toxic waste alcohol is toxic to the ovaries
  • relating to or caused by poison:toxic hazards toxic liver injury
  • very bad, unpleasant, or harmful:a toxic relationship
  • 2 Finance denoting or relating to debt which has a high risk of default:toxic debts
  • denoting securities which are based on toxic debt and for which there is not a healthy or functioning market:the financial system has become clogged with toxic assets


  • poisonous substances.





Pronunciation: /-ˈsɪsɪti/


mid 17th century: from medieval Latin toxicus 'poisoned', from Latin toxicum 'poison', from Greek toxikon (pharmakon) '(poison for) arrows', from toxon 'bow'


adj.Capable of injuring or killing by poison

  1. Of, relating to, or caused by a toxin or other poison: a toxic condition; toxic hepatitis.
  2. Capable of causing injury or death, especially by chemical means; poisonous: food preservatives that are toxic in concentrated amounts; a dump for toxic industrial wastes. See synonyms at poisonous.
A toxic chemical or other substance.

[Late Latin toxicus, from Latin toxicum, poison, from Greek toxikon, poison for arrows, poison, from neuter of toxikos, of a bow, from toxon, bow, from Old Persian *taxša-, an arrow.]
toxically tox'i·cal·ly adv.

toxic waste/chemicals/effluent

toxicity noun [U]
Tests of the chemical have shown that it has a high level of toxicity.
The toxicity of the drug severely limits its use.CANNABIS SATIVA
印度大麻 一種大麻科的大型植物,其葉子及花被用來製造Marijuana和Hashish兩種麻藥。
A search of the Magaki stable to which the wrestler belongs, and of his residence, also turned up reefer butts and a cannabis pipe, according to police.

A flash flood is a sudden inundation of water in low-lying areas, usually brought on by heavy rain or a dam break. When the ground becomes so saturated with water that more cannot be absorbed, the overflow begins to rush downhill, sweeping away whatever is in its path.


--> ━━ n. 害虫, 有害な小動物; (普通単数形で) 有害な人[もの], 厄介者; 〔古〕 疫病, ペスト.
pest・hole 流行病の発生しそうな場所.
pest・house 伝染病病院.


  • レベル:最重要
  • 発音記号[kémikəl]

[名]((通例〜s))化学製品[薬品];((略式))薬物, 麻薬
chemical dependency
a chemical formula
a chemical fiber
chemical products [goods
chemical weapons [analysis, industry
化学兵器[分析, 工業].