2007年8月21日 星期二

steady, payload, fairing, terrain, R&D spending, holds steadyA Taiwanese China Airlines plane


Taiwanese airliner burns on Okinawa

A Taiwanese China Airlines plane has caught fire on the runway at an airport on the Japanese island Okinawa. Kyodo news agency says that all 165 passengers and crew escaped the blaze unharmed. National broadcaster NHK showed flames and black smoke billowing from the
Boeing 737 as fire fighters doused it with foam. There is no word as to what caused the fire as the plane was on the tarmac at Naha airport.

billow Show phonetics
verb [I]
to spread over a large area, or (especially of items made of cloth) to become filled with air and appear to be larger:
Smoke billowed (out) from the burning building.
The sheets/shirts hanging on the line billowed in the breeze.
We watched the boats with their billowing sails.

noun [C usually plural]
billows of smoke

douse (STOP BURNING), dowse Show phonetics
verb [T]
to stop a fire or light from burning or shining, especially by putting water on it or by covering it with something

tarmac Show phonetics
noun [S or U] (ALSO tarmacadam) TRADEMARK
(an area of) black material used for building roads, etc., which consists of tar mixed with small stones

the tarmac noun [S or U]
an area covered in tarmac, especially the area in an airport where aircraft land and take off

verb [T] tarmacking, tarmacked, tarmacked UK

應該是the tarmac

All 165 survive aircraft explosion on tarmac

NAHA--A China Airlines aircraft exploded in a fireball soon after it landed at Naha Airport here Monday morning.

photoFirefighters mop up after a China Airlines aircraft caught fire and exploded soon after arriving at Naha Airport on Monday morning. (THE ASAHI SHIMBUN)

All 157 passengers and eight crew members escaped safely by emergency chutes.
The Boeing 737-800 aircraft had just arrived on a flight from Taiwan.
A maintenance worker at the airport suffered minor burns in the explosion, transport ministry and police officials said.
The plane burst into flames on the airport tarmac around 10:35 a.m. The fire was put out by the local fire department at 11:37 a.m., leaving charred metal.
The Aircraft and Railway Accidents Investigation Commission, which is under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, dispatched four aviation experts to examine the wreckage.
While the cause of the explosion has yet to be determined, the fire likely originated around the engine mounted on the left side of the main wing, according to ministry and Naha Fire Department officials.
The explosion triggered a column of black smoke and flames from the fuselage.
The aircraft, China Airlines Flight 120, left Taipei airport at 9:14 a.m. and arrived in Naha Airport at 10:27 a.m., officials said.
Smoke could be seen coming from the plane after it parked at the terminal at 10:34 a.m. and passengers started escaping using four emergency chutes, officials said.
A dozen or so fire engines surrounded the burning plane and sprayed tons of fire extinguishing agent.
"I felt it was very dangerous," said a 39-year-old employee of Naha Building Co., who watched events unfold from an office window about 600 meters away.
Shortly after the last passenger had fled to safety, the employee said the plane exploded in a huge fireball.
Normally, office soundproofing ensures that no outside sounds are heard, the employee said.
The explosion was heard some 2 kilometers away by an employee at the Employment Activation Organization, a Naha-based foundation.
Airport runways were closed until 11 a.m., causing delays of outbound flights and forcing incoming aircraft to circle the airport until they were given clearance to land.
Airport traffic controllers did not receive any communication from the aircraft's two pilots about engine trouble or a request to make an emergency landing, ministry officials said.
The fire apparently broke out in the main engine after the plane had landed and stopped at its assigned No. 41 parking spot, said an official of Naha Airport Building, operator of the airport's terminal building.
Japan branch officials of China Airlines said a ground maintenance worker noticed fuel leaking from the back of the engine after the aircraft had landed.
The aircraft had no history of malfunction.
The flight carried 23 Japanese, according to the flight manifest given out by China Airlines.
In April 2004, a China Airlines Airbus A300-600R crashed on landing at the Nagoya Airport, killing 264 of the 271 people on board.
According to a report on the accident, the pilot was attempting a maneuver that was incompatible with the aircraft's onboard computer system.
Based in Taipei, China Airlines operates 74 flights a week that link seven Japanese airports, among them Narita, Kansai and Chubu airports, with two cities in Taiwan.(IHT/Asahi: August 20,2007)

エンジン接合部で燃料漏れか 中華航空機炎上

 那覇空港の駐機場で中華航空機が炎上した事故で、国土交通省航空・鉄道事故調査委員会は21日、火災原因となった燃料漏れは、右主翼とエンジンとの接合 部(パイロン)内部で起きた可能性があるとの見方を強めた。主翼にエンジンをつり下げて固定するパイロンには燃料タンクからエンジンに燃料を供給する配管 がある。調査委は、ゴム製の配管の継ぎ手部分に何らかの問題がある疑いを強め、22日に現地入りする米国・国家運輸安全委員会と共同で調査を進めるととも に、関係者から事情を聴く。
 調査委の現地調査で、右主翼はエンジンから翼端寄りはあまり燃えていないのに、パイロンの胴体側とパイロンから胴体までの右翼下面は激し く燃えていた。調査委はこれを「漏れていた燃料が火災で発火した証拠」として、漏れた燃料がこの付近にたまっていたとの見方を強めている。

steady, payload, fairing, terrain, R&D spending holdssteady

R&D Spending Holds Steady in Slump
Wary of emerging from the recession with obsolete products, big U.S. companies spent nearly as much on research and development in the dismal last quarter of 2008 as they did a year earlier.

Google Continues to Hold Steady in Search Share
PC Magazine - USA
by Chloe Albanesius Americans conducted 13.1 billion online searches in February, the majority of which were done via Google sites, according to data from ...

For Obama, a Trusted Voice Who Knows the Terrain 
After decades moving through the revolving door between the private sector and government service, Gregory B. Craig has landed at the White House, serving as counsel to a young administration in need of a steadying hand. 
(By Anne E. Kornblut, The Washington Post) 

Craig Barrett has been leading Intel with a steady hand for almost a decade, first as CEO and now as Chairman of the Board. He has seen the tech giant through thick and thin: the thickness of wallets during the dot-com bubble, and the thinness of demand when that bubble burst.
* through thick and thin

But now Intel is on steady ground, holding its place as the world's largest chip-maker. He sat down with CNN's Maggie Lake in The Boardroom to discuss how he kept Intel on top when times got tough.

NASA global warming satellite suffers launch failure 

A rocket carrying a NASA global warming satellite has landed in the ocean near Antarctica after an early morning launch failure. Speaking at a news conference, officials at Nasa called the satellite launch failure a huge disappointment. The mishap occurred shortly after the Taurus XL rocket carrying the Orbiting Carbon Observatory blasted off from California's Vandenberg Air Force Base. Launch managers said the payload fairing, which shelters the satellite, apparently failed to separate from the launch vehicle.


  1. The revenue-producing part of a cargo.
    1. The total weight of passengers and cargo that an aircraft carries or can carry.
    2. The total weight of the instruments, crew, and life-support systems that a spacecraft carries or can carry.
    3. The passengers, crew, instruments, or equipment carried by an aircraft, spacecraft, or rocket.
  2. The explosive charge carried in the warhead of a missile.

人件費; 収益荷重 ((利益になる積荷)); (誘導弾の)弾頭荷重; 有効積載量.


━━ n. (航空機や船舶の)流線形の構造部[表面].

汽車上稱rack fairing
An auxiliary structure or the external surface of a vehicle, such as an aircraft, that serves to reduce drag.

noun [U]n. - 地域, 地形, 地勢
an area of land, when considering its natural features:
The car handles particularly well on rough terrain.

Word Tutor: steady

IN BRIEF: In a stable position.

pronunciation Cheerfulness keeps up a kind of daylight in the mind, and fills it with a steady and perpetual serenity. — Joseph Addison (1672-1719)

steady (CONTROLLED) Show phonetics
1 under control:
a steady voice/look/gaze
You need steady nerves to drive in city traffic.
Painting these small details needs a steady hand.

2 describes someone who can be trusted to show good judgment and act in a reasonable way:
a steady friend

steady Show phonetics
verb [T]
to become calm and controlled, or to make someone do this:
Some people say that a drink will steady your nerves.

steadily Show phonetics
calmly and in a controlled way:
She returned his gaze steadily.

steady (FIRM) Show phonetics
fixed and not moving or changing suddenly:
I'll hold the boat steady while you climb in.
Most rental prices have held steady this year.
Young people assume that if you are in a steady relationship, you don't have to worry about HIV.

steady Show phonetics
verb [T]
to make something stop shaking or moving:
He wobbled about on the bike and then steadied himself.
He steadied his rifle on the wall and fired.

steady Show phonetics
go steady (with sb) to have a romantic relationship with one person for a long period:
She's been going steady with Mike for six months.
━━ a. しっかりした, 安定した; 一様の; 着々たる; 間断のない; 規則的な; 落ち着いた; まじめな; 方向が変らない.
 go steady 〔話〕 決まった1人の異性とだけ付き合う; 着実にやる.
 play steady あせらない.
 Steady (on)! 落ち着け; 気をつけろ.