2017年5月14日 星期日

befall, mercies, maelstrom, fallen, surround, slow-motion, circle the Diet

A Week in Trump’s Washington 

What we’ve learned in the Comey-White House maelstrom.

Syrian Exodus Highlights the Political Failure of the West

A rising tide of Syrian refugees would sooner or later head for Europe. Yet little was done in Western capitals to stop or mitigate the slow-motion disaster that was befalling Syrian citizens and sending them on the run.

German job market to stagnate in election year

The German labor market has finally gotten caught in the maelstrom of the
European recession. But experts see this as a minor slump, and Angela
Merkel's party is even promising a policy of full employment in 2013.

Anti-nuclear protesters surround the Diet in...
Thousands of anti-nuclear protesters almost encircled the Diet building in Tokyo on July 29 in the latest of more than four months of demonstrations against the reopening of nuclear plants following the Fukushima nuclear...
 此是朝日新聞對"包圍國會"的英文 我會建議採用 "circle the Diet"....

Healing, One Memorial Day at a Time

Every year for the last four years, the men of the Second Battalion, Fourth Marine Regiment, which fought in Iraq, visit the grave of one of their fallen comrades.

Italy Fears Jolt Markets
Italy, long a bystander to debt woes, was thrust into the maelstrom, as investors fled its bonds and Europe's leaders struggled to keep the crisis from infecting the Continent's third-largest economy.

Herbert and Marion Sandler were long viewed as the mortgage industry’s model citizens, but have been swept into the maelstrom surrounding who is to blame.

To the investors who have pounded Deutsche’s stock, this view is just willful denial that the bank can avoid what befell its peers. To Deutsche executives, who have largely ruled out tapping government bailout funds, it is justified by the bank’s continuing profitability through the maelstrom.


noun [méilstrəm | -strɔm]
1 [C usually singular] a situation in which there is great confusion, violence and destruction:
The country is gradually being sucked into the maelstrom of civil war.

2 [C] an area of water which moves with a very strong circular movement and sucks in anything that goes past
1 大渦巻;((the M-))モスケンの大渦巻(ノルウェー北西岸沖の大渦巻).
2 大混乱, 動乱, 激動
be sucked into the maelstrom of ...

v., -fell (-fĕl'), -fall·en (-fô'lən), -fall·ing, -falls. v.intr.
To come to pass; happen.
To happen to. See synonyms at happen.
[Middle English bifallen, from Old English befeallan, to fall.]


IN BRIEF: adj. - Killed in battle; Having lost your chastity; Having fallen in or collapsed; Having dropped by


  • レベル:最重要
  • 発音記号[səráund]
[動](他)[III[名]([副])]…を(…で)囲む, 取り巻く;〈軍隊・町などを〉包囲する;〈危険などが〉〈人を〉取り囲む;((受身または〜 -self))(…に)取り囲まれる((with, by ...))
surround the enemy
A barbed wire fence surrounds the garden.
The cabin was surrounded with darkness.
1 ((英))
(1) (窓周りなどの)回り枠.
(2) (壁とカーペットの間の)床;そこに敷く物.
2 取り囲むもの
a surround of palm trees
3 ((米))《狩り》包囲猟法(で獲物を囲った場所).
[古フランス語←後ラテン語superundāre (super-上に+undāre水が流れる=あふれる). 英語に入ってROUND1と混同されて意味が変わった]the force of gravity; Having entered into a particular physical or emotional state.

pronunciation Keep your eyes open to your mercies. The man who forgets to be thankful has fallen asleep in life. — Robert Louis Stevenson 

Definition of mercy in English:

noun (plural mercies)

1Compassion or forgiveness shown towards someone whom it is within one’s power to punish orharm:the boy was screaming and begging for mercy[COUNT NOUN]: the mercies of God
[COUNT NOUN] An event to be grateful for, because it prevents something unpleasant or provides relief from suffering:his death was in a way a mercy

1III[名]([副])]…を丸[円]で囲む;…を取り巻く[囲む];…の周りを回る, 回転[旋回]する, 一周する
circle a building
circle the correct answer in red ink
Please circle “singleormarriedon the form.
2 …を避けて通る, 迂回(うかい)する.
1I([副])](…の周りを)回る, 旋回する((round, about/round, about ...)).
2 《映画・テレビ》画面の輪が大きく[小さく]なって画像が出てくる[消えていく]((in, out)).
circle round
(1) ⇒(自)1
(2) 〈酒などが〉回される.
circle ... up/circle up