2017年5月10日 星期三

snippet view, scratch, up to scratch, from scratch, stupendous, up to speed/scratch or snuff

The collective of German publishers had sued Google, arguing that the tech giant has infringed on copyright protections by offering snippets of the publishers' articles in search results. Those snippets, according to VG Media, hurt the publishers' bottom line by sating potential readers' curiosity and violated a 2013 German law that requires compensation for those snippets of text.

Despite star producers Mick Jagger and Martin Scorsese and plenty of hype, the show about the 70s record industry won’t be moving forward
Despite star producers Mick Jagger and Martin Scorsese and plenty of…

Dr. Kevin Lu was recently interviewed by the BBC and snippets of the interview will be played during the Wireless Nights Prom presented by Jarvis Cocker (Prom 74). The event takes place this Thursday, Sept. 10th at the Royal Albert Hall (10:15 pm start time).

From Homer to Honoré de Balzac to Charles Darwin to Charles Dickens, these Penguin 80th birthday booklets are where publishing meets public service

Penguin Little Black Classics review – affordable snippets of great literature

Nicholas Lezard’s paperbacks of the week: From Homer to Balzac to...

...created stupendous fortune....

'Vampires in the Lemon Grove'
Reviewed by JOY WILLIAMS

A grim, stupendous magic is at work in the stories in Karen Russell's "Vampires in the Lemon Grove."

An API for a particular language is paired with a functional counterpart, a library containing snippets of code in that language which perform the tasks in question. These can be integral parts of languages, paid and licensed add-ons, or some combination of public source and free-but-copyrighted code.

Then there is an instruction manual in plain, albeit technical English. It includes descriptions of what each snippet does, together with a command (known as a function call) that, if inserted into a program's source code, acts as a shortcut to the relevant section of the library. Any snippet in the library could be written from scratch—but this takes time and, crucially, fails to take advantage of the extensive testing the existing code in the library has been subject to. It is easier, and safer, simply to bung a reference to the required function into the newly created program.

Google Books users currently can view long previews of another two million books that are in copyright and in print, thanks to agreements between Google and tens of thousands of publishers that were separate from the legal settlement. Millions more books that are in copyright but out of print are currently available in Google Books in a shorter "snippet view." Had the settlement been approved, users would have been able to see longer previews and potentially buy those books. Above, Google's headquarters in Mountain View, Calif.

Scott’s 1860 phonautogram was made 17 years before Edison received a patent for the phonograph and 28 years before an Edison associate captured a snippet of a Handel oratorio on a wax cylinder, a recording that until now was widely regarded by experts as the oldest that could be played back. 

The Writings in Prose and Verse of Rudyard Kipling ... - Page 65
by Rudyard Kipling - Dummies (Bookselling) - 1899
... and yet that isn't likely, for he'd blarney himself out of the Pit; or else
he is engaged on urgent private affairs— some stupendous devilment ...
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Fourie defends Japan's quality SPORT24
Some pundits questioned Du Preez's inclusion in the Bok squad, saying he will be short of form as the quality of rugby in Japan is not up to scratch with the rest ...

David Cameron, our Prime Minister, said in his New Year message:
“I am determined to do the bold things it will take to sort out public services, too. Too often our schools aren't up to scratch, our hospitals aren't always clean enough and our police don't catch criminals. Brilliant and committed people work in public services - but somehow the system stops them doing their job. So we'll change it.”

Rowan Oak stands in a glade near the centre of Oxford, Mississippi. Faded signs and keen volunteers direct visitors round the property in which the writer William Faulkner lived for 32 years. But Rowan Oak needs more spending. Securing sufficient funds to keep historic sites up to scratch is tricky across the South and when federal money runs out, ingenuity is called for http://econ.st/1uQNr5O

Japanese pitcher was scratched due to ‘shoulder fatigue’
Atlanta Journal Constitution - GA, USA
Kawakami, a 33-year-old former Japanese league star, said through an interpreter that “something wasn’t right” after his Wednesday bullpen session. ...

up to par
Also, up to scratch or snuff or speed or the mark. Satisfactory, up to a given standard, as in She didn't feel up to par today so she stayed home, or I'm sure he'll come up to scratch when the time comes, or She's up to snuff again. Nearly all the versions of this idiom come from sports, par from golf, scratch and mark from boxing (after being knocked down a fighter had eight seconds to make his way to a mark scratched in the center of the ring), and speed from racing. However, the allusion in the variant with snuff, which dates from the early 1800s, has been lost.

up to scratch

Up to the required standard; satisfactory:her German was not up to scratch
stupendous Syllabification: stu·pen·dous Pronunciation: /st(y)o͞oˈpendəs

  • Extremely impressive: a stupendous display of technique





mid 16th century: from Latin stupendus 'to be wondered at' (gerundive of stupere) + -ous.
stu • pen • dous
stjuːpéndəs | stjuː-
1 驚くべき, すばらしい.
2 驚くほど大きい, ぼう大な.

snippetLine breaks: snip|pet
Pronunciation: /ˈsnɪpɪt/


small piece or brief extract:snippets of information about the war
  • [snípit]
1 (切り取った)小片, 切れはし;((〜s))(情報・うわさなどの)断片, 切抜き.
2 ((略式))くだらないやつ.

scratch (REMOVE) Show phonetics
verb [I or T]
to remove yourself or another person or an animal from a competition before the start:
The world champion scratched from the 800m after falling ill three hours earlier.

They scratched the horse from the race because she had become lame.

  1. [動](他)
  2. 1 [III[名][副])]〈人・体の一部・物などを〉(…で)ひっかく,傷をつける((with, on ...))(⇒CUT[類語]);〈マッチなどを〉(…で)さっとこする((on ...))
  3. 2 〈体(の部分)を〉かく
    • scratch one's head
    • (困って)頭をかく;頭を悩ませる
    • Scratch my back and I'll scratch yours.
    • ((ことわざ)) 背中をかいてくれ,君のをかいてあげるから;魚心あれば水心.
  4. 3 …を(…から)そぎ[こすり]取る,かき消す;〈名前を〉(リストから)削除する((from, out, off ...));((略式))〈競走馬・志願者などの〉参加を取り消す((out, off))
    • scratch a label off a jar
    • 瓶のラベルをはがす
    • scratch a candidate
    • 候補者の名前を削除する.
  5. 4 …を(…に)走り[なぐり]書きする,ひっかいて刻む((on ...));…に(文字などを)刻む((with ...))
  6. 5 〈穴を〉ひっかいて掘る.
  7. 6 〈金を〉かき集める((up, together)).
  8. 7 ((米))(選挙で)〈自分の票を〉分ける.
  1. ━━(自)
  2. 1 (…を)爪(つめ)でひっかく,(かゆい所を)かく((about/at, on ...));引き裂く.
  3. 2 〈ペン・チョークなどが〉(…に)ひっかかる[ひっかかって音がする]((on ...))
    • This pen scratches.
    • このペンはひっかかる.
  4. 3 (…を)かき集める((for ...))
  5. 4 やっと暮らしをたてる((along, through))
  6. 5 (…から)手を引く,(…の)出場をとりやめる((from ...))
  7. 6 (トランプなどで)得点がない;点がはいらない;《ビリヤード》スクラッチになる(ペナルティになる玉を打つ).
  8. 7 ((俗))麻薬を捜す.
  9. 8 《音楽》スクラッチする. ⇒[名]8
  1. scratch it
    • ((略式))さっさと立ち去る.
  1. ━━[名]
  2. 1 かき傷;かすり傷
    • without a scratch
    • かすり傷ひとつ負わずに.
  3. 2 ((a ~))(かゆい所を)かくこと
    • have a scratch on ...
    • …をかく.
  4. 3 なぐり書き,走り書き.
  5. 4 (ペン・レコード針などの)きしる[ひっかく]音,キーキー[カリカリ]いう音((of ...)).
  6. 5 出場中止[辞退]の選手[競走馬];競技でハンディのないこと[選手].
  7. 6 《ビリヤード》スクラッチ(ペナルティーになる玉);フロック,まぐれ当たり.
  8. 7 [U]((米俗))金;切符.
  9. 8 スクラッチ:ディスクジョッキ一のさまざまなテクニック.
  1. from scratch
    • 最初から,ゼロから.
  1. up to scratch
    • ((略式))((しばしば否定文))水準に達して,よい状態にあって
      • not be [comeup to scratch
      • 水準に達していない[達しない];よい状態にない[ならない]
      • bring ... up to scratch
      • …を水準[よい状態]にまで持っていく.
  1. ━━[形]((限定))
  2. 1 走り書き[雑記]用の.
  3. 2 対等の,ハンディキャップなしの〈競技者〉
    • a scratch player
    • ハンディを受けない選手.
  4. 3 ((略式))偶然[まぐれ]の
    • a scratch shot
    • まぐれ当り.
  5. 4 ((略式))有り合わせの,寄せ集めの
    • a scratch meal
    • 有り合わせの食事
    • a scratch video
    • 寄せ集めビデオ.

Start from scratch


Begin (again) from the beginning, embark on something without any preparation or advantage.


As well as the common meaning of the word 'scratch', that is, 'a slight tearing or incision of the skin', there is another meaning which is used in a string of phrases that include the word. These expressions include 'come up to scratch', 'scratch golfer', 'toe the scratch' (a variant of toe the line), 'make from scratch' and 'start from scratch'. What all of these have in common is the notion of 'scratch' being the beginning - a point at which there is no advantage or disadvantage. This meaning originated in the sporting world, where 'scratch' has been used since the 18th century to describe a starting line that was scratched on the ground.