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whaler, intact, blubber, Narwhal, blubbery, whaled away, extended family, jarring.

The The New York Times critic James R. Oestreich wrote: "As the two timpanists whaled away in the clamor of the finale, the head of a timpani 定音鼓 stick flew off and sailed into the audience. That added bit of fireworks seemed wholly of a piece with the choral and orchestral tumult conjured by a master, and this remains, of the many candidates, my favorite moment from the Bernstein years."

The New Yorker
To a new generation of sports fans, an image of the blubbering basketball player might be more well known than his athletic legacy.

For those who were sentient when Michael Jordan was winning championships, seeing him become a mocking emblem of incompetence has been jarring.
Joseph Mallord William Turner was born on this day in 1775. In an upcoming exhibition, the Museum will reunite the series of four whaling scenes made by the British landscapist. The quartet of paintings—comprising The Met's “Whalers” and its three companions in the Tate, London—were among the last seascapes exhibited by Turner, for whom marine subjects were a creative mainstay.http://met.org/1U7PTXh
Joseph Mallord William Turner (British, 1775–1851) | Whalers | ca. 1845

to accept Battoni's huge  blubbering female as an adequate presentation of Mary Magdalene! But your equation about that stupid Holbein won't do. However you cultured folk may agreed that 7th Symphony isn't up to the 9th

This ingeniously silly premise would have had Alfred Hitchcock licking his blubbery lips.

Narwhal tusks are made of spiraling ivory and are as long as nine feet.
Glenn Williams/Harvard Medical School, via Reuters

Narwhal Tusks Lead to Charges for Two

BANGOR, Me. — The narwhal, a creature whose tusks make it resemble a floating unicorn, has become the focus of a trial in which two men are accused of smuggling.

Stimulus Plans Intact, Despite Big Deficit
Obama's economic team is pressing ahead with a costly economic-stimulus plan despite a projected $1.2 trillion budget deficit this year.
The narwhal, or narwhale, is a medium-sized toothed whale that lives year-round in the Arctic. One of two living species of whale in the Monodontidae family, along with the beluga whale, narwhal males ...Wikipedia
 keep these organizations intact, extended families. tight web

He said the town had originally planned to put people into housing as quickly as possible. Now, he thought it best to keep these organizations intact, to help people adapt to new and different living environments.
“They are like extended families,” Mr. Sato said. “They provide support and comfort.”

Tight Web Saves Cut-Off Villagers

whale away

verb phrase
To attack or do something vigorously and persistentlyI was whaling away at the cleaning job/ He's bestwhen he's whaling away at the other candidates(1897+)

exténded fámily[exténded fámily] 拡大家族:親子と祖父母などで構成される家族(⇔nuclear family).

  1. A family group that consists of parents, children, and other close relatives, often living in close proximity.
  2. A group of relatives, such as those of three generations, who live in close geographic proximity rather than under the same roof.


n. 1. a whaling ship.
2. See whaleboat, def. 2.

New Zealand PM: Japan Whaler Was Threat
Washington Post - Washington,DC,USA
Japan has been determined that the ship move under its own power, while New Zealand and conservationists urged the ship to accept offers of a tow amid fears ...There may be many sides in a genteel debate, but in the Safire world of politics and journalism it was simpler: There was his own unambiguous wit and wisdom on one hand and, on the other, the blubber of fools he called “nattering nabobs of negativism” and “hopeless, hysterical hypochondriacs of history.”

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A Whale, Happy and Whole
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What do you do with a beached whale? One thing not to do with it is to blow it up. Officials in Oregon learned that the hard way. On this date in 1970, an eight-ton sperm whale beached itself and died near Florence, OR. Workers used dynamite to remove the carcass. Whale blubber landed a good distance away, causing more damage; most of the whale was left intact and was removed later. While the giant mammals have been known to explode on their own, humans are responsible for most cases of exploding whales.
Quote 聖經故事
"Fiction was invented the day Jonas arrived home and told his wife that he was three days late because he had been swallowed by a whale."Gabriel Garcia Marquez

1 complete and in the original state:
The church was destroyed in the bombing but the altar survived intact.

2 not damaged:
It's difficult to emerge from such a scandal with your reputation still intact.


v., -bered, -ber·ing, -bers.
To sob noisily. See synonims at cry.
  1. To utter while crying and sobbing.
  2. To make wet and swollen by weeping.
A loud sobbing.
[Middle English bluberen, to bubble, from bluber, foam.]


blub • ber
blubbers (複数形) • blubbered (過去形) • blubbered (過去分詞) • blubbering (現在分詞) • blubbers (三人称単数現在)
blubbery, (全1件)
1 [U](クジラ・アザラシなどの)脂肪(層);((略式))(人体の)過剰な脂肪, ぜい肉.
2 [U][C]おいおい泣くこと
be in a blubber
3 クラゲ(sea blubber).
━━[動](自)〈主に子供が〉おいおい泣く, 泣きわめく.
1 …を[と]泣きながら言う((out)).
2 〈顔を〉泣いてくしゃくしゃにする.
1 泣きはらした
dry one's blubber eyes
2 ((しばしば複合語))ふくれた, 突き出た
[形]〈鯨などが〉脂肪の多い, 太った;〈目・顔が〉泣きはらした.


Pronunciation: /ˈdʒɑːrɪŋ/ 


1Incongruous in a striking or shocking way; clashing:the telephone struck a jarring note in those Renaissance surroundings
2Causing a physical shock, jolt, or vibration:the van came to a jarring halt