2014年4月7日 星期一

slide, casement window, melting snow, mudslide, melting pot

A large one-bedroom at 456 West 19th Street has new steel casement windows.
Rebecca McAlpin for The New York Times

Casement Windows, Architects’ Darling

Steel casement windows are back in vogue, popping up in new buildings in chic parts of town.

The ice blonde girl slid off the new bull market?
For the Internet stock bubble and the subsequent credit boom, experts have used the "Goldilocks" fairy tale to explain, describe the economic situation is neither hot nor cold, creating perfect conditions for the stock market rose. Right now, the sequel to "start.

In Sliding Internet Stocks, Some Hear Echo of 2000

Several companies that were supposed to form the basis of a new Internet era plummeted this week as analysts and investors downgraded their dreams.

 Four dead in Taiwan mudslides

Japan Rains Leave 13 Dead; Tropical Storm Approaches
10 (Bloomberg) -- Thirteen people died in Japan as rains caused flooding and mudslides in the southwest and other areas, national broadcaster NHK Television ...

In one of Ruskin's books there is a passage (so 
far as I recollect, he is discussing the Dutch school 
of genre pictures) in which he contends that no 
picture can be really effective without some glimpse 
of infinity, without some casement opening upon 
the illimitable, or at least the reflection in mirror 
or in polished brass of the sky and the open 

 mudslide 台灣習稱土石流
A mudflow, especially a slow-moving one.
The noun has one meaning:
Meaning #1: a landslide of mud

A mass movement of debris lubricated by melting ice and snow, or by heavy rain. See also jolkuhlhaup, lahar.

名1. 泥の地滑り、土砂崩れ{どしゃ くずれ}、泥流{でいりゅう}、土石流{どせきりゅう}、泥滑動

The double whammy and then the big drip
Residents are struggling to keep houses dry in a world of melting snow
(By Jura Koncius, The Washington Post)

  1. To change (a solid) to a liquid state especially by the application of heat.
  2. To dissolve: The tide melted our sand castle away.
  3. To cause to disappear gradually; disperse.
  4. To cause (units) to blend: "Here individuals of all races are melted into a new race of men" (Michel Guillaume Jean de Crèvecoeur).
  5. To soften (someone's feelings); make gentle or tender.

melting pot
  1. A container in which a substance is melted.
  2. A place where immigrants of different cultures or races form an integrated society: "Canadians . . . liked to think of their country as a mosaic rather than a melting pot" (Kenneth McNaught).

    1. A window sash that opens outward by means of hinges.
    2. A window with such sashes.
  1. A case or covering.
[Middle English, a hollow molding, possibly from Middle English case, chest, frame. See case2.]
casemented case'ment·ed adj.
1 (観音)開き窓(casement window);その枠;((詩))窓.
2 枠;おおい.


slides (複数形) • slid (過去形) • sliding (現在分詞) • slides (三人称単数現在)
let ... slide, (全1件)
[動](slid 〔slíd〕, slid or slid・den 〔slídn〕)(自)
slide down a river bank
2I([副])]つるりと滑る, 横滑りする, 〈車などが〉スリップする.
3 滑らかに動く;人目につかずに移動する;(問題などに)ふれずにすます((over, around ...))
slide intoout ofone's seat
We slid over the problem without mentioning it.
4 (習慣・状態・性質などに)知らずに陥る((into, to, toward ...))
slide into debt
5 …に慣れる((under ...))
6 〈時が〉知らぬ間に過ぎていく((by)).
7 〈価値・価格などが〉下がる.
8 《野球》滑り込む.
1 …を滑らせる, 滑走させる.
2 〈物を〉(…に)するりと[そっと]入れる, 滑り込ませる((in, into ...))
He slid the money into his friend's pocket.
let ... slide
He let the business slide.
1 滑り台;滑走面[路, 台, 場].
2 すべること, 滑走
take a downhill slide
3 《地質学》地滑り, 山くずれ.
4 (顕微鏡・幻灯の)スライド.
5 (価格・価値などの)下落.
6 《家具》自在棚.
7 《音楽》
(2) (トロンボーンなどの)U字型滑奏管.
(3) (ギターの)スライド[ボトルネック]奏法(bottleneck).
8 (機械などの)滑走部[面].
9 (平地用の)滑走運搬具;(斜面用の)滑降運搬装置, 斜溝(しゃこう).
10 ((英))=hair slide.
11 《野球》滑り込み, スライデング.
12 ((米俗))(大学で)単位の取りやすい科目.
[古英語slīdan. △SLED
  1. A sliding movement or action.
  2. A smooth surface or track for sliding, usually inclined: a water slide.
  3. A playground apparatus for children to slide on, typically consisting of a smooth chute mounted by means of a ladder.溜滑梯
  4. A part that operates by sliding, as the U-shaped section of tube on a trombone that is moved to change the pitch.
  5. An image on a transparent base for projection on a screen.
  6. A small glass plate for mounting specimens to be examined under a microscope.
  7. A fall of a mass of rock, earth, or snow down a slope; an avalanche or landslide.
  8. Music.
    1. A slight portamento used in violin playing, passing quickly from one note to another.
    2. An ornamentation consisting of two grace notes approaching the main note.
    3. A small metal or glass tube worn over a finger or held in the hand, used in playing bottleneck-style guitar.
    4. The bottleneck style of guitar playing.