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'Research has revealed people who fail to get a full night's sleep score significantly lower on tests of logic and vocabulary. They have slower reaction times, and experience blackouts known as "micro-sleeps". At the wheel of a car, this can be dangerous: in the US, fatigue is believed to cause more than 1,500 deaths on the roads every year'
On any given night, many of us are desperate for sleep, unable to switch off. Richard Wiseman looks at some solutions
The Guardian

Lloyds CEO Suffered From Bout of Insomnia
António Horta-Osório had five consecutive nights without sleep and spent weeks at the Priory, a U.K. clinic known for treating celebrities for exhaustion, stress and other issues.

Many advocate a nightcap, but Dr Irshaad Ebrahim and his team advise against it. Used too often, it can cause insomnia.

Op-Ed Columnist
Winning the News Cycle, Losing the Race

The Obama White House has worked to change the subject to social issues. But in a pocketbook election, it helps to focus on pocketbook anxieties.

《中英對照讀新聞》Stress makes for more sleepless in Taiwan-study 研究:壓力致使台灣失眠人數增加

More than one in five people in Taiwan suffers from insomnia likely caused by stress due to the economic woes, a figure higher than the global average, researchers said on Wednesday.
The survey of 4,005 people found that 21.8 percent of the population has chronic trouble falling asleep or staying asleep, said Lee Hsin-chien, psychiatry chairman at government-run Shuang-Ho Hospital in Taipei.
Overseas, averages of 10 to 15 percent of the population reports insomnia, he said, while Taiwan’s rate was about 10 percent in 2000.
Stress due to recession on the export-reliant island earlier this year might have contributed to the increase, Lee said.
Diabetes, hypertension, anxiety and depression may also be driving insomnia as health generally declines in the face of an increasingly Western lifestyle, he added.
make for:意 指造成、有助於;例句:The large print makes for easier reading. (大型字體有利閱讀。)此片語亦可當作移向、衝向解釋,且通常用在速度很快且已有目標的情況;例句:It started raining, so she made for the nearest shelter. (開始下雨了,所以她衝向最近的躲雨地方。)

insomnia醫學名詞,失眠症。例句:I suffer from insomnia and have to rely on sleeping pills.(我患有失眠,要吃安眠藥。)
woe:名詞,困難;災難;不幸。例句:She told him all her woes.(她向他傾訴全部苦惱。)

also life-style or life style (līf'stīl') pronunciation
A way of life or style of living that reflects the attitudes and values of a person or group: "It was a millionaire's lifestyle on the pocketbook of a hairdresser" (People).

USAGE NOTE   When lifestyle became popular a generation ago, a number of critics objected to it as voguish and superficial, perhaps because it appeared to elevate habits of consumption, dress, and recreation to categories in a system of social classification. Nonetheless, the word has proved durable and useful, if only because such categories do in fact figure importantly in the schemes that Americans commonly invoke when explaining social values and behavior, as in Rachel Brownstein's remark that "an anticonventional lifestyle is no sure sign of feminist politics, or indeed, of any politics at all." Fifty-three percent of the Usage Panel accepts the word in Bohemian attitudes toward conventional society have been outstripped and outdated by the lifestyles of millions of young people. An even greater number-fully 70 percent-accepts the word in Salaries in the Bay Area may be higher, but it may cost employees as much as 30 percent more to maintain their lifestyles, where the context requires a term that implies categorization based on habits of consumption.

 (pŏk'ĭt-bʊk') pronunciation
  1. A purse; a handbag.
  2. A pocket-sized folder or case used to hold money and papers; a billfold.
  3. Financial resources; money supply: prices to fit your pocketbook.
  4. often pocket book A pocket-sized, usually paperbound book. Also called pocket edition.

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株式会社グローバル インフォメーションは、Euromonitor Internationalが発行した報告書「Consumer Lifestyles in Taiwan (台湾の消費者のライフスタイル)」の販売を開始しました。

台湾の消費者ライフスタイルは、近年の経済不況にそう大きく影響されず、所得収入と消費レベルも堅調な成長パターンを維持してきました。米国と日本の消費 者動向に著しく影響されるとはいえ、台湾の消費者行動はユニークな面も見せ、広範なニーズにおいてコンビニエンスストアを利用するといった特徴がありま す。

当レポートでは、台湾における消費者支出に影響を与える諸因子について分析しています。人口、仕事、収入に関する統計とともに、食習慣、飲酒、喫煙、 ファッション、交通、通信、住宅、教育、医療サービス、レジャーなど、各セグメントにおける支出動向を検証しており、台湾の消費者のライフスタイルの選択 因子について理解を深めることができます。


無獨有偶,紐西蘭奧克蘭大學教師布蕾納(Eluned Summers-Bremner)日前也出版《失眠文化史》(Insomnia: A Cultural History),鋪陳兩千五百年來西方哲學、藝術、文化的失眠紀事。
女性研究學者格蕾‧格林(Gayle Greene)別開生面相中失眠話題,寫成新書《夜,睡不著》(Insomniac),內容豐富有趣,書評家直誇:「值得不睡覺熬夜讀完。」

in·som·ni·a (ĭn-sŏm'nē-ə) pronunciation
; n.
Chronic inability to fall asleep or remain asleep for an adequate length of time.
[Latin īnsomnia, from īnsomnis, sleepless : in-, not; see in–1 + somnus, sleep.]


(ĭn-sŏm'nē-ăk') pronunciationn.
One who suffers from insomnia.
Having or causing insomnia.


níght • càp
nightcaps (複数形)
1 寝帽, ナイトキャップ.
2 《スポーツ》((略式))当日最後の試合;野球のダブルヘッダーの第2試合;競馬の当日最終レース.
3 ((略式))就寝前に飲む飲み物[アルコール];(にぎやかに過ごした夜の)仕上げの一杯.