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repertory, repertory theater. proprietary, revivify, formative, seminal, moderniser, unfinished

'Anthropologists accept that different people see the world differently: Indonesian blacksmiths don’t think like Californian accountants.'

Obama’s formative experience as a cultural outsider makes him almost…
   Gould, Philip (1999). The Unfinished Revolution: How the Modernisers Saved the Labour Party       Abacus
[ARTWORK OF THE WEEK] ‪#‎Rodin‬ was particularly impressed by the dancer and choreographer Vaslav ‪#‎Nijinsky‬, just as he had previously been fascinated by Loie Fuller, Isadora Duncan and the Cambodian dancers. Far-Eastern ballets provided him with a new repertory of gestures and movements which he studied through drawings and sculptures.
A Piano, an iPad, a Mirror: Tools for a Modern Recital
The young pianist Jenny Q Chai took an eclectic approach to a concert in both repertory and artistry.

 Fang Lizhi, Chinese Physicist and Seminal Dissident, Dies at 76
New York Times
BEIJING — Fang Lizhi, whose advocacy of economic and democratic freedoms shaped China's brief era of student dissent that ended with the 1989 Tiananmen Square protests and his exile, died on Friday in Tucson, Ariz., his son, Fang Ke, said Saturday.

Eastlake was trained as an historical painter and initially had ambitions to revivify the English school of painting. Having spent his formative years in Rome, where he developed ideas about the practice and theory of painting, he returned to London in 1830.
He first made his mark as a painter of genre scenes, idealising portraits and religious subjects. He was elected President of the Royal Academy in 1850, and helped modernise the institution.
Yet Eastlake’s most important contributions came as a writer, translating and editing seminal art-historical texts, and as an arts administrator, in which capacity he rose to become Director of the National Gallery from 1855 to 1865.

When he won the international grand prize at the Venice Biennale in 1964, he said he regarded the Merce Cunningham Dance Company as his biggest canvas. Although the remark offended some in Cunningham circles (primarily the composer John Cage, who seems to have felt it sounded too proprietorial), it was completely justified. At that time there was no better place to see the range of Mr. Rauschenberg’s inventiveness than the Cunningham repertory.

Rauschenberg and Dance, Partners for Life

noun [C]
a person who owns a particular type of business, especially a hotel, a shop or a company that makes newspapers:
a hotel/newspaper proprietor

relating to or like an owner:
He put a proprietorial arm around her.

proprietary Adjective [before noun] relating to ownership, or relating to or like an owner:
I just assumed he owned the place - he had a proprietary air about him.

2 describes goods which are made and sent out by a particular company whose name is on the product:
proprietary medicines

Examples of revivify

  1. looking for ways to revivify the city's economy
  2. a new director hoping to revivify the region's oldest repertory company


French révivifier, from Late Latin revivificare, from Latin re- + Late Latin vivificare to vivify
First Known Use: 1675


: to give new life to : revive


  • 発音記号[sémənl][形]
1 ((形式))(創意に富み)影響力の大きい, 感化を与える
a seminal book
2 ((限定))精液の;発生[生殖]の
seminal fluid
a seminal duct
3 《植物》種子の.


  • 発音記号[répərtɔ`ːri | -təri][名]
(1) [U]レパートリー制:特定の劇団がいくつかの劇を交互に上演する形式
in repertory
  • 発音記号[répərtwɑ`ːr]
1 上演種目一覧, レパートリー
have a large repertoire
2 (演劇・オペラなどがもつ)全作品, 全曲目, 総上演種目.
3 (人がもつ能力や技術の)全範 囲.
(3)repertory theater.
repertory theatre (also called repertory, rep or stock) can be a Western theatre or opera production in which a resident company presents works from a specified repertoire, usually in alternation or rotation.
2 たくわえ, 手持ち, 在庫;倉庫, 貯蔵所, 物置;(知識・情報などの)宝庫.


Line breaks: rep¦er|tory
Pronunciation: /ˈrɛpət(ə)ri /

NOUN (plural repertories)

1[MASS NOUN] The performance of various plays, operas, or ballets by a company at regular short intervals:[AS MODIFIER]: a repertory actor
1.1Repertory theatres regarded collectively:his long apprenticeship in repertory was as satisfying as what he is doing now
1.2[COUNT NOUN] A repertory company:regional repertories and touring companies
2another term for repertoire.a fair conspectus of Ferrier’s repertory has been preserved for posterity
2.1A repository or collection, especially of information:most countries produce several periodical repertories of useful information


mid 16th century (denoting an index or catalogue): from late Latin repertorium, from Latin repert- 'found, discovered', from the verb reperire. Sense 1 (arising from the fact that a company has a ‘repertory’ of pieces for performance) dates from the late 19th century.



[with object]
  • adapt (something) to modern needs or habits, typically by installing modern equipment or adopting modern ideas or methods: he modernized the health service



Pronunciation: /-ˈzeɪʃ(ə)n/



More example sentences
  • Dean has been a modernizer and innovator, and should be embraced for it.
  • The idea that progress comes through conflict has been lost to the idea that progress comes through allowing modernisers to do exactly what they want.
  • He was always a moderniser, a reformist - and if he was alive today, he would have had me to listen to.
mod • ern • ize, ((主に英))-ise
mɑ'dərnàiz | mɔ'd-
modernizing (現在分詞) • modernizes (三人称単数現在)
[動](他)…を現代[近代]化する, 現代[当世]風にする;〈古典などを〉現代語に訳す
modernize a kitchen
━━(自)現代[近代]的になる, 現代風に行動する.



2(of an object) not having been given an attractive surface appearance as the final stage of manufacture: the garage door can be supplied unfinished for you to paint yourselfMore example sentences  Synonyms