2016年7月26日 星期二

coup, contract, skullduggery, fornication , donor-stroking, master stroke

This is a major coup for Amazon.

The British government has agreed to let Amazon test delivery drones, while U.S. regulations still forbid it.

 His house rules for a New Year's Eve party at his Hampstead home: "Fornication, madness, murder, drunkenness, shouting, shrieking, leaping polite conversation and the breaking of bones, such jollities constitute acceptable behaviour, but no acting allowed."

Obama Grows Reliant on Prolific Big-Money Donors

Opening Ceremony review: Palace coup provides Danny Boyle's master stroke

Olympic opening ceremony

New York City announced a five-year deal with Microsoft for an array of computer services, a coup for the tech giant in its battle against Google for municipal contracts.

China Non-Manufacturing Contracts for First Time Since Feb.
3 (Bloomberg) -- China's non-manufacturing industries contracted in November after the government's curbs on property and lending damped demand. A purchasing managers' index for November fell to 49.7 from 57.7 the previous month, the China Federation ...

No one trusted Glenn enough to invest in his new business venture, as he had a history of skullduggery.


  • 発音記号[stróuk]
1 (武器などで)打つこと, 打撃;一打ち;(雷の)一撃
at a [one] stroke
with one stroke of the ax
2 ((通例a 〜))(災難などの)一撃;脳卒中;(卒中・中風などの)発作((of ...))
a fatal stroke
havesuffer] a stroke
3 (反復運動の)一動き;《機械》同一直線上の往復運動(距離)
a stroke of a pendulum
4 (テニス・ゴルフ・ビリヤードなどの)一打ち;打法, ストローク
an overhand stroke
5 《水泳》泳法;一掻(か)き;[U][C]一こぎ;漕法;整調(手), ストローク(stroke oar)
row with steady strokes of the oar
6 ((ふつう否定文で))((略式))ひと働き;努力, 奮闘;手腕;手柄;成功
a fine administrative stroke
I didn't do a stroke of work all day.
7 (ペンの)一筆, 一なで, (彫刻刀などの)一彫り;(タイプライターの)一打ち;一画, 字画, 一筆, (一彫りなどの)跡;筆[彫刻刀など]の運び;(文学作品の)特色ある筆致, 効果的な仕上げ
a bold stroke
8 (時計・鐘などの)一打ち;鳴る音, 打音, (心臓の)鼓動, 脈拍
atonthe stroke of twelve
9 (運の)偶然のめぐり合わせ, 突発;ひらめき((of ...)).
9 (運の)偶然のめぐり合わせ, 突発;ひらめき((of ...))
a simple stroke of fate
10 (and/orなどの選択を意味する)斜線.
a stroke above ...
at a [one, single] stroke/in one stroke
一気に, 一挙に.
put a person off his stroke
with [at] a stroke of the pen
1 …に(ペンなどで)線[画]をつける;…を(線を引いて)消す((out)).
2 〈ボート・クルーの〉整調としてこぐ;〈ボートの〉艇員のピッチ[漕法]を示す.
3 〈ボールを〉打つ.

máster stròke[máster stròke]

みごとな腕前, 絶妙な処置, 神技.


or skul·dug·ger·y (skŭl-dŭg'ə-rē) pronunciation
n., pl., -ger·ies, or -ger·ries.
Crafty deception or trickery or an instance of it.

[Probably alteration of Scots sculduddery, obscenity, fornication.]


Syllabification: (for·ni·ca·tion)
Pronunciation: /ˌfôrniˈkāSHən/
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formal or humorous
sexual intercourse between people not married to each other:laws forbidding adultery and fornication

(kŏn'trăkt') pronunciation
    1. An agreement between two or more parties, especially one that is written and enforceable by law. See synonyms at bargain.
    2. The writing or document containing such an agreement.
  1. The branch of law dealing with formal agreements between parties.
  2. Marriage as a formal agreement; betrothal.
  3. Games.
    1. The last and highest bid of a suit in one hand in bridge.
    2. The number of tricks thus bid.
    3. Contract bridge.
  4. A paid assignment to murder someone: put out a contract on the mobster's life.

v., -tract·ed, -tract·ing, -tracts. (kən-trăkt', kŏn'trăkt') v.tr.
  1. To enter into by contract; establish or settle by formal agreement: contract a marriage.
  2. To acquire or incur: contract obligations; contract a serious illness.
    1. To reduce in size by drawing together; shrink.
    2. To pull together; wrinkle.
  3. Grammar. To shorten (a word or words) by omitting or combining some of the letters or sounds, as do not to don't.
  1. To enter into or make an agreement: contract for garbage collection.
  2. To become reduced in size by or as if by being drawn together: The pupils of the patient's eyes contracted.
phrasal verb:
contract out
  1. To engage a person outside an organization by contract to undertake or produce.
[Middle English, from Latin contractus, past participle of contrahere, to draw together, make a contract : com-, com- + trahere, to draw.]
contractibility con·tract'i·bil'i·ty or con·tract'i·ble·ness n.
contractible con·tract'i·ble adj.

coup () pronunciation

n., pl., coups (kūz).
  1. A brilliantly executed stratagem; a triumph. An instance of successfully achieving something difficult:
  2. it was a major coup to get such a prestigious contract
    1. A coup d'état.
    2. A sudden appropriation of leadership or power; a takeover: a boardroom coup.
  3. Among certain Native American peoples, a feat of bravery performed in battle, especially the touching of an enemy's body without causing injury.
count coup
  1. Among certain Native American peoples, to ceremoniously recount one's exploits in battle.
[French, stroke, from Old French colp, from Late Latin colpus, from Latin colaphus, from Greek kolaphos.]


  • 発音記号[kúː][名]
1 クーデター(coup d'état)
stage a coup
2 大当たり, 大成功;大仕事, 大活躍, 大手柄
makepull off] a great coup
大当たりをとる, 大成功を収める.