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regular and irregularity, parameters of lèse-majesté,

parameters of lèse-majesté

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev has pledged up to 20 billion euros of Russian investment to bolster the eurozone. But irregularities during recent elections in Russia were also on the agenda of an EU-Russia summit.

Ahmadinejad wins re-election but Mousavi supporters cry foul

Opposition supporters clash with police after President Ahmadinejad resoundingly won the hotly contested election. His rival Mousavi has alleged widespread irregularities in the polls.

美國表示,華府拒絕接受伊朗強硬派總統「艾馬丹加」勝選連任的結果,並將調查傳言中的選舉舞弊。 美國國務卿「希拉蕊」表示,美國將密切注意伊朗的情勢,並像全球其他國家一樣,等候並觀察伊朗人民的決定。 就在「希拉蕊」發表談話的幾分鐘後,白宮也發表了一份簡短聲明, ...

regular and irregularity

"Tony Chen’s Cartoon Guide to Quality".

有一張指正職品管經理 regular qc manager 走了

lese maj·es·ty lèse ma·jes·té (lēz' măj'ĭ-stē) pronunciation
n., pl., lese maj·es·ties, or lèse ma·jes·tés.
  1. An offense or crime committed against the ruler or supreme power of a state.
  2. An affront to another's dignity.

[Partial translation of French lèse-majesté, from Latin (crīmen) laesae māiestātis, (the crime) of injured majesty : laesae, feminine genitive of laesus + māiestātis, genitive of māiestās, majesty.]

━━ a. 規則正しい; 一定の; 通例の; おきまりの; 〔米〕 (サイズが)並の; 整然たる, 系統立った;
(顔立ちなどが)均斉のとれた; 正式な, 正規の, 常備の; 免許のある, 本職の; 〔米〕 (党)公認の; 〔話〕 本当の, 全くの (a
~ rascal ふだつきの悪党); 〔米話〕 面白い; 【文法】規則変化の; 【数】等辺等角の; 【キリスト教】規律に縛られた;

━━ n. 正規兵; 〔米〕 忠実な党員; 正選手; (正規の)修道士; 〔話〕 正社員[職員]; 〔話〕 常連(客); 標準サイズ
((服など)); レギュラー(ガソリン).

regularity規律性、均齊性━━ n. 規則正しさ.

The quality or condition of being usual: 同義:customariness,
habitualness, normalcy, normality, ordinariness, prevalence,
routineness, usualness. See usual/unusual.

In the year since the Dannon Company introduced Activia, a line of yogurt with special live bacteria that are marketed as aiding regularity, sales in United States stores have soared well past the $100 million mark, a milestone that only a small percentage of new foods reaches each year.

記得近年前從小讀者處知道這regularity 其實指"大便定時 通暢無阻"...

irregularity 不規則性

irregularity 不規則性;不勻率
long-term irregularity 長週期不勻率;長波不勻率
irregularity control 不均勻控制;斑節控制
capacitance type regularity tester 電容式均勻度試驗機

經濟學 regularity assumption 規律性假定
經濟學 regularity condition 正規條件
會計學 irregularity 不合常規
土木工程 Index of track irregularity 軌道不正指數

生物學名詞:植物部分 irregularity 不整齊性
造船工程 cycle irregularity 迴轉不規律度
電機工程 external irregularity 外生紊亂
核能(原子能) irregularity, lattice 晶格不規則性

測量學 parameter of regularity 正規參數
計量學 profile irregularity 輪廓不規則性
計量學 lattice irregularity 晶格不規則性;點陣不規則性

pa·ram·e·ter (pə-răm'ĭ-tər) pronunciation
  1. Mathematics.
    1. A constant in an equation that varies in other equations of the same general form, especially such a constant in the equation of a curve or surface that can be varied to represent a family of curves or surfaces.
    2. One of a set of independent variables that express the coordinates of a point.
    1. One of a set of measurable factors, such as temperature and pressure, that define a system and determine its behavior and are varied in an experiment.
    2. Usage Problem. A factor that restricts what is possible or what results: "all the parameters of shelter-where people will live, what mode of housing they will choose, and how they will pay for it" (New York).
    3. A factor that determines a range of variations; a boundary: an experimental school that keeps expanding the parameters of its curriculum.
  2. Statistics. A quantity, such as a mean, that is calculated from data and describes a population.
  3. Usage Problem. A distinguishing characteristic or feature.

[New Latin parametrum, a line through the focus and parallel to the directrix of a conic : Greek para-, beside; see para-1 + Greek metron, measure; see -meter.]

parametric par'a·met'ric (păr'ə-mĕt'rĭk) or par'a·met'ri·cal adj.
parametrically par'a·met'ri·cal·ly adv.

━━ n. 【数】媒介変数, 助変数, パラメーター; 【統計】母集団特性値, 母数; ((俗に)) 要因; (普通pl.) 限界, 範囲.
parameter driven 【コンピュータ】パラメーター駆動型.
parameterized class 【コンピュータ】(オブジェクト指向で)パラメタライズド・クラス ((他のクラスのテンプレートになるクラス)).
parameter passing 【コンピュータ】パラメーター引き渡し.
par・a・met・ric ━━ a. パラメーターの.
parametric equation 【数】パラメーター方程式.