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BREAKING: Gatwick North Terminal is on lock down after man is arrested with 'gun in bag'

 French Close In on Gunman
French authorities appeared to be closing in on the suspect in a series of shootings of soldiers, schoolchildren and a teacher, characterizing him as an Islamist radical who had been planning to strike again Wednesday.

Lin Yutang - Information from Answers.com
Others include Between Tears and Laughter (啼笑皆非) (1943), ... (1947) The Gay
Genius: The Life and Times of Su Tungpo,
Rajaratnam Loses Bid to Remain Free Pending Appeal A federal court has denied Raj Rajaratnam's request to remain free on bail while he appeals his insider-trading conviction, a ruling that forces the fallen hedge fund manager to report to prison on Monday.

China Locks Down Restive Region After Deadly Clashes 
Hundreds of protesters defied a government-ordered lockdown on Tuesday morning, a day after deadly clashes between Uighurs and Han Chinese.

General Motors
 is apparently moving closer to locking down an investor for its European business, with up to seven investors expressing an interest in taking a stake, The Financial Times reported. Go to Article from The Financial Times»

China locks down Lhasa on riots anniversary

Chinese forces and plainclothed police have imposed a lockdown around the Tibetan capital, Lhasa, on the first anniversary of a violent anti-Chinese riot. Tourists and journalists have been barred from the area. The riots last March, in which up to 200 people died, erupted after Buddhist monks led peaceful protests calling on China to allow the exiled Tibetan spiritual leader to return to Lhasa. On Friday China's Premier Wen Jiabao said Beijing was willing to hold talks with the Dalai Lama if he renounced a so-called separatist agenda.

BEIJING — Officially, Tuesday is an ordinary day here. Ordinary or not, however, the police will be on high alert, and some villages across Tibetan areas of western China will be under virtual military lockdown. For it was 50 years ago on Tuesday that 300,000 Tibetans surrounded the Dalai Lama’s palace in Lhasa, the start of a failed uprising against Chinese rule that resonates to this day.

You're putty in the hands of whoever developed that software." ed.e:I wonder how something like Google Gears fits into the vender lockdown model?

Do-It-Yourself Decorating Returns With a Splash

From fixing up old furniture to completely restoring historic houses: more
and more non-craftsmen are taking paintbrush and putty in hand.

The DW-WORLD Article

eerie or eery stillness, 

Floodlights cast an eerie glow on ice pillars inside Narusawa Ice Cave in the village of Narusawa, Yamanashi Prefecture. (Photo by Shinya Monma

Eerie Stillness at a Crime Scene’s Heart

The hub of the universe, as Boston’s popular nickname would have it, was on lockdown for much of Friday.



North American
  •  the confining of prisoners to their cells, typically in order to regain control during a riot: the lockdown has been in effect since October 1983
  •  a state of isolation or restricted access instituted as a security measure:the university is on lockdown and nobody has been able to leave
ee·rie or ee·ry (îr'ēpronunciation

adj., -ri·er-ri·est.
    1. Inspiring inexplicable fear, dread, or uneasiness; strange and frightening.
    2. Suggestive of the supernatural; mysterious. See synonyms at weird.
  1. Scots. Frightened or intimidated by superstition.
[Middle English eri, fearful, from Old English earg, cowardly.]
eerily ee'ri·ly adv.
eeriness ee'ri·ness n.
[形](-ri・er, -ri・est)〈静けさ・風の音・フクロウの声などが〉薄気味の悪い, 異常な
an eerie stillness

on lockdown

under tight control
I've got you on lockdown.

  1. The confinement of prison inmates to their cells as a security measure following a disturbance in the prison.
  2. A prison, especially a high-security one.
  3. A device that secures a piece of equipment, especially a computer, so that it cannot be moved or stolen.
lock down

To restrict the functionality of a system. If network administrators lock down client desktops, it means that users can perform only certain operations. For example, they might not be able to install new applications. The term is also used to configure a computer or service to prevent unwanted intrusions such as viruses or spam. In such cases, the system may be said to be "locked down."

━━ n. 錠; (運河・ドックの)閘(こう)門; 銃の発射装置; 輪どめ; 固定(装置); (機械の)停止状態; 【レスリング】ロック ((固め技)); (自動車の)ハンドルの回転極限.
 lock, stock, and barrel 全部, すっかり.
 on [off] the lock 錠をかけて[かけずに].
 under lock and key 鍵(かぎ)を掛けて; 閉じ込められて.
━━ vt. 錠をかける; しまい込む, とじ込める; 閘門を通す[設ける]; 抱きしめる, 固着(定)させる; (車輪に)輪止めをする; (腕・指・足などを)組む, (歯を)かみ合わせる; 【コンピュータ】ロックする.
━━ vi. 錠がかかる, しまる; 閘門を通る; 組合う; 固定される; (車輪などが)かむ; かみ合う; 取っ組み合う.
 lock away (錠を掛けるなどして)…を大事にしまい込む, (秘密などを)隠して人に明かさない.
 lock in [out] とじ込める[締出す].
 lock on [onto] 【航空】(レーダーで)標的を自動的に追跡する.
 lock out ロックアウトする, 締出す.
 lock up 戸締まりをする; 監禁する; しまい込む; (資本を)固定する.
 lock・a・ble ━━ a. 錠[鍵]が掛けられる.
 lock box sstem 【商業】代金私書箱制.
 lockbuster package 【コンピュータ】コピー防止回避(ソフトウェア)パッケージ.
 lock code 【コンピュータ】鍵番号.
 lock・down (暴動や騒動が起きそうなので)囚人を監房に監禁すること.
 locked ━━ a. 閉じ込められた; 固定した.
locked-up keyboard 【コンピュータ】動作停止キーボード.
 lock gate (運河などの)閘門.
 lock hospital 〔英〕 性病科病院.
 lock-in 拘束, 束縛, 固定化.
 locking a disk 【コンピュータ】ディスクのロッキング.
 lock・jaw 【医】破傷風 (tetanus).
 lock-keeper 閘(こう)門管理員.
 lock・nut 【機】締めナット.
 lock・out (経営者側の)工場閉鎖, ロックアウト; 締出し; 【コンピュータ】ロックアウト, 閉塞.
 lock・smith 錠前屋[工].
 lock・step 密着縦隊行進; 型にはまったやり方.
 in lockstep with …に対して厳格な態度をとって.
 lock・stitch (ミシンの)本縫い, ロックステッチ.
 lock・up ━━ n., a. 留置室, 拘置(所); 〔話〕 刑務所; 【コンピュータ】施錠状態; 鍵の掛かる.
lock-up garage 施錠式(賃貸)ガレージ.


n.pl. -ties.
    1. A doughlike cement made by mixing whiting and linseed oil, used to fill holes in woodwork and secure panes of glass.
    2. A substance with a similar consistency or function.
  1. A fine lime cement used as a finishing coat on plaster.
  2. A yellowish or light brownish gray to grayish yellow or light grayish brown.
To fill, cover, or secure with putty.
[French potée, polishing powder, from Old French, a potful, from pot, pot, from Vulgar Latin *pottus.]

n. - 油灰, 金屬等的磨粉, 玻璃
v. tr. - 用油灰接合
  • putty in a person's hands 某人手中的玩物, 易為某人操縱擺佈

  • [dʒíːnjəs]
1 [U](資質としての)天才
a writer [a woman] of genius
a stroke of genius
2 天才(の人), 鬼才
a mathematical genius [=a genius in mathematics]
She's a genius at cards.
3 ((a 〜))(技芸などの)非凡な才能, 天分((for ...))
have a genius for music [for making friends]
4 [U](時代・国民などの)精神, 風潮;(言語・制度などの)特質, 特性, (維持発展のための)知恵, 英知;(土地の)雰囲気, 気風((of ...))
the genius of the English people
5 (複gen・i・i 〔díniài〕)(場所・制度などの)守り神, 守護神;(人の運命を左右する)霊;(複〜・es)人に強い[悪い]影響を与える人
one's good [evil] genius

Va. Tech Lifts Lockdown After Investigating Campus Gunman Report

"You really need to communicate first and investigate later. That's what we did."

on lockdown

(lŏk'doun') pronunciation
  1. The confinement of prison inmates to their cells as a security measure following a disturbance in the prison.
  2. A prison, especially a high-security one.
  3. A device that secures a piece of equipment, especially a computer, so that it cannot be moved or stolen.