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bouquets wilt, powerhouse, weak link, bewildere, glare, glare tempered,dust soothed.tangles untied,

Paris Slowly Comes to Terms With Sense of Vulnerability

The city wants to get past the lost tourism and uncertainties that followed the Nov. 13 attacks. But as candles burn low and bouquets wilt, a certain shock lingers.

Texas Vote-Buying Case Casts Glare on Tradition of Election Day Goads


The arrests of three politiqueras, or campaign runners, who are often hired to gather votes in contested races, have become a tricky issue for elected officials in the Rio Grande Valley.

"... informed themselves, and wrote enlightening articles. I started to be sought out by journalists; to them I was (along with Deming) a "guru." The media seem to love identifying gurus (especially gurus who might be glaring at each other). By the ..." 


wilt, powerhouse,  weak link, bewildere,


Under an Economic Glare, the Italians Are Perplexed

Conscious that their country's public finances have long been on shaky ground, Italians are bewildered by how quickly Italy has been targeted as the latest weak link in the euro zone.

The German chancellor wrapped up her trip to China on Saturday, expressing optimism about her country's relations with Beijing while regretting the state of human rights in East Asia's economic and political powerhouse.

the life and views of ayn rand

Capitalism's martyred hero

Capitalism's martyred hero

Most intellectuals don't have much time for Ayn Rand with her "glare that could wilt a cactus". But her uncompromising views are still worshipped by many

Ukraine Teeters as Citizens Blame Banks and Government

Factories and services are faltering, the currency is wilting and a government default seems possible, posing a real threat to other European economies.

The singer Bruce Springsteen is furious with Ticketmaster Entertainment and wants to make it clear that he opposes a possible merger of the ticket seller and Live Nation, which would create a music industry powerhouse.

China's Slowdown Sends Out Aftershocks
Three of Asia's powerhouse economies -- China, Japan and South Korea -- are stalling as demand for their goods from the U.S. and Europe wilts.

noun [C usually singular]
a country, organization or person with a lot of influence, power or energy:
Germany is an economic powerhouse.
The university is no longer the academic powerhouse that it once was.
She's a powerhouse of original ideas and solutions.

verb [I]
(of a plant) to become weak and begin to bend towards the ground, or (of a person) to become weaker, tired or less confident:
Cut flowers will soon wilt without water.
After only an hour's walking they were beginning to wilt in the heat.
発音 変化《動》wilts | wilting | wilted
━━ v. (草木が)しおれる[させる], しぼむ[ませる]; (人が)しょげる[させる].
━━ n. 【植】青枯れ病.

glare (LOOK)  
noun [C]
a long angry look:
She gave me a fierce glare.

verb [I]
She glared angrily at everyone and stormed out of the room.


Pronunciation: /glɛː/
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[no object]
  • 1stare in an angry or fierce way:she glared at him, her cheeks flushing
  • [with object] express (a feeling) by staring fiercely:he glared defiance at the pistols pointing at him
  • 2 [with adverbial] (of the sun or an electric light) shine with a strong or dazzling light:the sun glared out of a clear blue sky


  • 1a fierce or angry stare:she gave Harley a glare of contempt
  • 2 [mass noun] strong and dazzling light:Murray narrowed his eyes against the glare of the sun
  • oppressive public attention:he carried on his life in the full glare of publicity
  • 3 [mass noun] archaic dazzling or showy appearance:the pomp and glare of rhetoric





Middle English (in the sense 'shine strongly'): from Middle Dutch and Middle Low German glaren 'to gleam, glare': perhaps related to glass. The sense 'stare' occurred first in the adjective glaring (late Middle English)


  • レベル:大学入試程度
  • 発音記号[gléər]

1 [U](不快なほどに)ぎらぎらする[まぶしい]光
in the full glare of the sun
2 にらみつける視線
give a person a glare
He fixed her with a hostile glare.
3 [U](非常に)目立つこと, けばけばしさ, どぎつさ
in the glare of publicity
非常に注目されて, 世間の大きな評判になって.
4 ((米))(氷などの)輝いているなめらかな表面.
1 ぎらぎら光る, まぶしく輝く, まばゆく反射する. ⇒SHINE[類語]
The tropical sun glared down relentlessly.
2 (…を)にらみつける((at, on, upon ...))
He glared at me with hot, angry eyes.
━━(他)〈敵意などを〉(人などを)にらみつけて表す((at ...))
glare mistrust at each other

In it all sharpness is blunted,
All tangles untied,
All glare tempered,
All dust soothed.
解釋 鋒芒內斂與世無爭,而與囂雜塵俗相融合。語本老子˙第四章:挫其銳,解其紛;和其光,同其塵。比喻與世浮沉,隨波逐流。晉書˙卷一˙宣帝紀:和光同塵,與時舒卷,戢鱗潛翼,思屬風雲。