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lush, twisted, call one's bluff, sacrilegious

Stephen Evans explores the twisted world of Grimm's Fairy Tales – bedtime stories complete with mutilation, cannibalism, infanticide and incest.


The Greek secret to living well?

Some places are better than others at fulfilling the powerful human desire to live well. The Greek island of Naxos delivers.

China is dangerously short of water. While the south is a lush, lake-filled region, the north, which has half the population and most of the farmland, is more like a desert. The international definition of water stress is 1,000 cubic metres of usable water per person per year. The average northern Chinese has less than a fifth of that amount http://econ.st/1ebvIR1

Since the end of World War II, Japanese has become a completely homogenized "cookie-cutter" language around the nation. And now that globalization is in progress, I fear the landscape of the Japanese language will become even more uninteresting as the old lush forests of local dialects die out.
In Its First Life, an Oil Platform; in Its Next, a Reef?
A lush ecosystem has grown around High Island 389-A, a dormant oil platform in the Gulf of Mexico that is facing demolition.

 The poem, which celebrates the carnal passions of the "eternal spirit of atheism" to a "maid of mountains", was banned from publication for decades. Anton Rubinstein's lush opera on the same subject was also banned by censors who deemed it sacrilegious and stupid.

An excellent book. Mr. Nixon spelled out the realities of the Cold War conflict, the true nature of our Soviet adversary, and the steps necessary to win the conflict and prevent the devastating consequences of full scale military conflict.
The veracity of this work is borne out by the subsequent actions of the Reagan administration to call the Soviets' bluff and force the collapse of their empire.

  • 常用語是:“to call one's bluff”,To call one's bluff 就是 “揭露某個人虛張聲勢的做法”.這個俗語來自美國人喜歡玩的撲克牌遊戲.有時你手裡的牌很壞,但是你想讓別人認為你手裡的牌好極了,可是別人又不相信你,對你進行挑戰,這就是to call one's bluff.你聽聽一位打牌老手是怎麼說的:
  • Sometimes you can scare the other players out of the game with a bluff and ‘steal’ the pot with a worthless hand. But it can be very expensive if another player calls your bluff.
  • 他說:“有的時候你可以虛張聲勢把其他牌友嚇住了,這樣你就偷偷地用一手壞牌贏了錢.可是,要是另一個打牌的人不相信你,向你挑戰,那你就可能會輸不少錢。”
  • To call one's bluff 這個說法現在已經不侷限在打牌上了.下面這個例子是一個公司的經理在對他的助手講話:
  • One of our salesmen asked for a raise in salary today, and said he'd have to leave if we didn't give him a raise. But I called his bluff -- I told him no, and wished him good luck. Then he said he'd stay on with us because he liked working here so much.
  • 他說:“我們公司的一個推銷員今天要我給他加工資,說是要是我不給他加工資,他就不在這兒幹了.但是我沒上他的當,拒絕了他的要求,還祝他好運氣.於是他就改口說他非常喜歡這兒的工作,願意在這兒繼續做下去。”

  • http://www.ept-xp.com/?ID=2204020608
    Betting with a mediocre or drawing hand that could possibly improve because of the existence of various outs.
    SoundPoker Says: If the bet gets everyone else to fold, it would be considered a bluff. However if it does not, the hand might still improve on the draw or on succeeding cards.

    For example: You have a Jack of Hearts and a Ten of Hearts (Jh,Th) and the flop is Ace of Hearts, Queen of Spades, Seven of Hearts. (Ah, Qs, 7h).

    Any Heart (for the flush) or King (for the straight) will give you a good hand. You have several outs which gives you a relatively decent chance of hitting a winning card on the turn. To raise the pot and intimidate your opponents it might be prudent to re-raise or check-raise as the odds are in your favor. Even if you miss on the turn there is still an opportunity to continue to bet as other players will hopefully feel threatened by your previous play.


    Pronunciation: /ˈtwɪstɪd/ 


    1Forced out of its natural or proper shape; crumpled:the crash left a trail of twisted metal across the carriageway
    1.1(Of a joint) injured by wrenchingsprained:suffering a twisted ankle, he was carried from the field
    2(Of a personality or a way of thinkingunpleasantly or unhealthily abnormalwarped:a man with a twisted mind

    Definition of lush

    • 1(of vegetation, especially grass) growing luxuriantly:lush greenery and cultivated fields
    • very rich and providing great sensory pleasure:lush orchestrations
    • 2British informal sexually attractive.
    • very good or impressive:I had some really lush pressies





    late Middle English: perhaps an alteration of obsolete lash 'soft, lax', from Old French lasche 'lax', by association with luscious


    (lŭsh) pronunciation
    adj., lush·er, lush·est.
      1. Having or characterized by luxuriant vegetation.
      2. Abundant; plentiful. See synonyms at profuse.
      3. Extremely productive; thriving.
      1. Luxurious; opulent: the lush décor of a grand hotel.
      2. Extremely pleasing to the senses: a lush scent; lush fruit; the lush sounds of an orchestra.
      3. Voluptuous or sensual.
    1. Overelaborate or extravagant: lush rhetoric.
    [Middle English, relaxed, soft, probably alteration of lache, loose, weak, from Old French lasche, soft, succulent, from laschier, to loosen, from Late Latin laxicāre, to become shaky, frequentative of Latin laxāre, to open, relax, from laxus, loose. See lax.]
    lushly lush'ly adv.
    lushness lush'ness n.

    lush2 (lŭsh) pronunciation Slang.
    A drunkard.

    intr.v., lushed, lush·ing, lush·es.
    To drink liquor to excess.

    [Origin unknown.]
    [形]1 〈植物が〉青々と茂った, みずみずしい.2 〈場所が〉青草の茂った;(地味の)肥えた.3 ((略式))豪華な;ぜいたくな, 華々しい, 飾りたてた, 大げさな.lush・ly[副]
    ((米略式))[名]1 大酒飲み, 飲んべえ;酔っぱらい a lush hound飲んだくれ a lush house飲み屋.2 [U]酒.━━[動](自)酒を飲む.━━(他)〈酒を〉飲む;〈人...


     (săk'rə-lĭj'əs, -lē'jəs) pronunciation
    1. Grossly irreverent toward what is or is held to be sacred.
    2. Having committed sacrilege.
    sacrilegiously sac'ri·le'gious·ly adv.
    sacrilegiousness sac'ri·le'gious·ness n.
    USAGE NOTE   Sacrilegious, the adjective form of sacrilege, is often misspelled through confusion with religious.
    Pronunciation: /ˌsakrɪˈlɪdʒəs/
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    Definition of sacrilegious


    • involving or committing sacrilege:a sacrilegious act it seems sacrilegious to say this, but it’s really not that great a film



    Pronunciation: /-ˈlɪdʒəsli/