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The oil industry said the tax would raise the cost of petrol by 25 cents per gallon and undo the shale energy revolution, while a senior Republican congressman called it “dead on arrival”.

原發性肺纖維化(Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis),是一種罕見疾病,病人的肺部因未知的原因廣泛纖維化,失去交換氧氣功能,導致最後慢慢窒息而死,是一種死法相當可怕的疾病,在美國,每 10 萬人之中有 14 到 42.7 人得到此病,每年約有 5 萬名新增病患,總病患人數約有 13.2 萬到 50 萬人,在歐盟各國,每 10 萬人之中有 4.6 到 7.4 人得到此病,每年約有 3 萬到 3.5 萬名新增病患。雖說是罕病,不過相較於美國每年新增肝癌病人僅 3.3 萬人,每年死亡 2.3 萬人,原發性肺纖維化的患病人數還遠遠更多。
美國生技公司 InterMune 致力於研究治療此一可怕絕症的藥物,其主力產品 Esbriet,學名 Pirfenidone,於 2011 年在歐盟獲核准上市,2012 年在加拿大核准上市,2014 年第 2 季,Esbriet 為 InterMune 帶來 3,570 萬美元營收,較 2013 年同期增加 148%,也較 2014 年第 1 季增加 18%,InterMune 估計 2014 年 Esbriet 全年營收可達 1.3 億到 1.4 億美元。目前 Esbriet 在美國也已經通過第 3 期臨床試驗,但 InterMune 表示美國 FDA 最快也是在 2014 年底核准,因此 2014 年不大可能有美國市場營收。
除了 Esbriet 以外,InterMune 還有多發性硬化,以及其他纖維化疾病的藥物正在研發與臨床試驗階段。
2014 年 8 月 24 日,瑞士知名藥廠羅氏(Roche)看中 InterMune 的藥品陣容,決定買下 InterMune,出價每股 74 美元,較 8 月 22 日收盤價高出 38%,總交易金額達 83 億美元,相當於新台幣約 2,488 億元,雙方已經同意這筆交易。羅氏買下 InterMune 之後,將可強化在纖維化疾病方面的產品線。羅氏收購 InterMune,也再度顯示全球藥業正進入激烈購併的最後過程
InterMune 的交易總值約將近新台幣 2,500 億元,也提供了一個估算生技公司價值的最新基準,InterMune 的主力藥物已經在歐洲與加拿大核准上市,美國也即將核准上市,並已經有實際營收,其市值如此,相較之下,其它還在「有夢最美」階段,或甚至夢想都已破滅者,合理價位應是多少,也就不難決定了。

 UK medics 'to help in disasters'

Rival Tablets Are Not So 'Dead' Apple's Steve Jobs declared the seven-inch tablet "dead on arrival" this week. But app developers, wireless operators and technology analysts aren't so sure.

The Mistakes Google Made With Its Wikipedia Killer Knol
San Francisco Chronicle
Two years ago Google launched its Wikipedia killer Knol. The platform seemed to be dead on arrival. Why did Knol fail? What mistakes did Google make ...

Dead on arrival or DOA is a term used to indicate that a patient was found to be already clinically dead upon the arrival of professional medical assistance, often in the form of first responders such as emergency medical technicians, paramedics, or police. In some jurisdictions, first responders must consult verbally with a physician before officially pronouncing a patient deceased, but once cardiopulmonary resuscitation is initiated, it must be continued until a physician can pronounce the patient dead.
DOA is also frequently used as slang to indicate a new item that was received broken, or that an idea or concept is a nonstarter.

Q. What?
A. I don’t want to talk about it. Really, I can’t. She’s a very nice looking lady, but it’s a nonstarter regarding clothes that suit her. Jackie Kennedy was a different matter altogether. It just has to suit her and be something that makes a human being more glamorous. That’s what fashion is there for. It’s there to help, not just to make you look more conservative.

答:我真的不想說這個,我也沒法說。她長得倒不錯,可是真沒什麼能適合她的衣服。傑姬·肯尼迪(Jackie Kennedy)完全是另一回事。衣服得適合自己,能襯得這個人更漂亮。時尚的意義就在這兒。它是來幫你的,不是用來讓你看上去更保守的。


nòn • stárter
nonstarters (複数形)

 (nŏn-stär'tər) pronunciation
  1. One that fails to start.
  2. An idea, proposal, or candidate with no chance of being accepted or successful: "Many lawmakers are pronouncing the budget a nonstarter" (Christian Science Monitor).


A physician.

After Galen, a famous Greek physician in the 2nd century. He pioneered the study of anatomy and wrote extensively about his findings

"I need a Galen for my fermenting mind seeking the vintner." — Raficq Abdulla; Words of Paradise: Selected Poems of Rumi; Frances Lincoln Ltd; 2000.


音節med・ic 発音記号/médɪk/


音節par・a・med・ic 発音記号/p`ærəmédɪk/

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  • 発音記号[geilénik]
1 ガレノス(Galen)(派医学)の.
2 ((通例g-))(ガレノス派式)本草薬物の.


Line breaks: pul¦mon|ary
Pronunciation: /ˈpʌlmən(ə)ri/


Relating to the lungs:pulmonary blood flow


mid 17th century: from Latin pulmonarius, from pulmo,pulmon- 'lung'.