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A master designer for embroideries in the Renaissance, Raffaellino del Garbo was a pupil of Filippino Lippi (ca. 1457-1504) and a gifted draftsman. View this cartoon and a combination of printed pattern books, drawings, textile samples, costumes, paintings, and more in “Fashion and Virtue,” which closes Sunday, January 10.http://met.org/1UtpUqh
Raffaellino del Garbo (also known as Raffaelle de' Capponi and Raffaelle de' Carli) (Italian, 1466?–1524) | The Angel of the Annunciation (Cartoon for an Embroidery) | N.D.

Dolan Says Church Is 'Caricatured' as Antigay


In an interview with NBC's "Meet the Press," Cardinal Timothy M. Dolan, the archbishop of New York, discussed the Roman Catholic Church's position on same-sex marriage and the Affordable Care Act.

 Google Glass didn't make me a dork
Computerworld (blog)
That's what I walked away thinking after I tried Glass, Google's new computerized eyeglasses, during last week's Google I/O developer conference in San Francisco. To be honest, I'd expected to feel like a total idiot when I put Glass on. Total dorkdom ...

Stamps honor 'Seediq Bale'
Taipei Times
Lan Shu-jen (藍淑貞), deputy director of Chunghwa Post's Department of Philately, said the film depicted the Wushe Incident, which occurred in central Taiwan during the Japanese colonial era. She said the post office was entrusted with producing a ...


Dear Google, make Glass less dorky and we might want to wear it
Google Glass is very clever, but it's also controversial: donning a pair of the big G's smart specs can result in mockery, mistrust, malice and even the ...

Danish papers reprint Prophet Mohammad caricature

Denmark's leading newspapers have reprinted a cartoon satirising the Prophet Mohammad that caused violent protests in the Muslim community two years ago. The newspapers say they have re-issued the caricature to show solidarity after three people were arrested in Denmark for planning to murder 73-year old cartoonist Kurt Westergaard. Many Muslims consider any depiction of the Prophet offensive. Since 2006, three Danish embassies have been attacked and

at least 50 people killed in rioting in the Middle East, Africa and Asia.

noun [C or U]
(the art of making) a drawing or written or spoken description of someone, which makes part of their appearance or character more noticeable than it really is, and which usually makes them look ridiculous:
The characters in his early novels are a lot subtler than the overblown caricatures in his more recent work.
FIGURATIVE Over the years he's become a grotesque caricature of himself.

verb [T]
Charles Dickens caricatured lawyers (= represented them in a way which made them look ridiculous) in several of his novels.

noun [C]
a person who creates caricatures


Definition of dork

  • 1 informal a contemptible, socially inept person.
  • 2North American vulgar slang a man’s penis.
dork 是1967年美國學生俚語(SLANG),表示笨拙者( a stupid awkward person),它可能出自用dick表示「那兒」!(上周在台中市的台灣美術館發現他們將翻譯「生殖器」寫成「 器」--hc奇怪為什麼不翻譯成「利器」?)。




adjective (dorkier, dorkiest)


1960s (originally US): perhaps a variant of dirk, influenced by dick

philately(fĭ-lăt'l-ē) pronunciation
The collection and study of postage stamps, postmarks, and related materials; stamp collecting.

[French philatélie : Greek phil-, philo-, philo- + Greek ateleia, exemption from payment (because a postage stamp indicates prepayment of postage) (a-, without; see a-1 + telos, tax, charge).]
philatelic phil'a·tel'ic (fĭl'ə-tĕl'ĭk) or phil'a·tel'i·cal (-ĭ-kəl) adj.
philatelically phil'a·tel'i·cal·ly adv.
philatelist phi·lat'e·list n.

  1. Slang. A stupid, inept, or foolish person: "the stupid antics of America's favorite teen-age cartoon dorks" (Joshua Mooney).
  2. Vulgar Slang. The penis.
[Perhaps from dork, variant of DIRK.]
dorkiness dork'i·ness n.
dorky dork'y adj.

n. the penis. (Usually objectionable.) Paul told a joke about a dork, but everybody just sat there and looked straight ahead.
2. n. a jerk; a strange person. (See also megadork.) Ye gods, Sally! You are a dork!

胡適之先生的集《時事畫四十五幅》 (《留學日記》1914712日;《胡適日記 1910-1914(333-371)說:其作者的國籍分布:「計美人所作者二十幅,英十一,荷二,奧二,意、法、墨各一


  • レベル:大学入試程度
  • 発音記号[kɑːrtúːn]

1 風刺漫画, 時事漫画

a political cartoons
a gag cartoon
2 (4コマ以上の)つづき漫画(comic strip).
3 アニメ, 動画(animated cartoon)

a TV cartoon
4 《美術》(壁画などの)実物大下絵.
5 コンピュータ画像のプリントアウト.
[イタリア語. carta(紙)の意から「厚紙」→「それに描かれた絵」. △CARD1

(kär-tūn') pronunciation
    1. A drawing depicting a humorous situation, often accompanied by a caption.
    2. A drawing representing current public figures or issues symbolically and often satirically: a political cartoon.
  1. A preliminary sketch similar in size to the work, such as a fresco, that is to be copied from it.
  2. An animated cartoon.
  3. A comic strip.
  4. A ridiculously oversimplified or stereotypical representation: criticized the actor's portrayal of Jefferson as a historically inaccurate cartoon.

v., -tooned, -toon·ing, -toons. v.tr.
To draw a humorous or satirical representation of; caricature.

To make humorous or satirical drawings.

[French carton, drawing, from Italian cartone, pasteboard. See carton.]
cartoonish car·toon'ish or car·toon'y adj.
cartoonist car·toon'ist n.