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squabble, squabling, cranky, bicker, bickering, feud, watchdog, fractious, portentously, tequila-tippling

Jeremy CorbynDavid Cameron and a host of other frontline politicians are parodied as a bunch of squabbling five-year-olds in a satirical party political broadcast by the Green Party of England and Wales.

“At heart, I’m a Nietzschean.” —Curtis White
Curtis White discusses the role of creativity in human experience.

The EU has ruled that powdered, instead of fresh, milk can be used in Italian cheesemaking. And the Italians are unimpressed.
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For years, Italy and Brussels have squabbled, made peace and fought again over how to regulate food and wine produced in the eurozone’s third’s-largest economy. But a new row has now burst into the open

The World in 2015: Governments will gather in Paris to have another go at negotiating a climate treaty. This time they will bicker and squabble their way to a deal. Whether it will do much to rein in the growth of carbon emissions or satisfy any of the other hopes that were raised and dashed at Copenhagen is doubtful http://econ.st/1zAeho6 林語堂《無所不談》* (台北:文星,1966 ) 收入林語堂先生1965年發表在《中央日報》的文章.《無所不談》中,至少有二篇與 胡適關係密切。
《胡適之與辜鴻銘》 (pp.118-23) 它基本上是轉載胡先生的文章《記辜鴻銘》. 在文章前說

" cranky Hsu, crazy Ku 應該譯為 「徐迂」、「顧顛」" (《記辜鴻銘》用 「徐顛子」、「顧瘋子」) 林語堂的翻譯,得 cranky之一義. 不過,可能跟他認識徐先生有   cranky, bicker, bickering, feud, watchdog, fractio...

In Rangers' Case, an Annoyed Judge Recently unsealed tapes of an exchange between D. Michael Lynn, the judge in the Texas Rangers' bankruptcy, and lawyers for Chuck Greenberg and Nolan Ryan, who ultimately won an auction for the Major League baseball team, provide a portrait of a cranky judge fed up with the proceedings.

'Mike Bloomberg: Money, Power, Politics'
This biography finds the mayor profane, cranky and highly effective.

《無所不談》中至少有二篇與 胡適關係密切.
《胡適之與辜鴻銘》 (pp.118-23) :它基本上是轉載胡先生的文章《記辜鴻銘》。在文章前說:

" cranky Hsu, crazy Ku 應該譯為 「徐迂」、「顧顛」" (《記辜鴻銘》用 「徐顛子」、「顧瘋子」)

Neighbors Kill Neighbors as Kenyan Vote Stirs Old Feuds

MALINDI, Kenya — In less than two weeks, Kenyans will line up by the millions to pick their leaders for the first time since a disastrous vote in 2007, which set off clashes that killed more than 1,000 people.

U.S. Rushes to Help Create Commando Force in Libya

The Libyan force would help combat Islamic extremists like the ones who killed the American ambassador last month and help counter fractious militias.

 Japan starts atomic watchdog debate, reactor decision nears
By Linda Sieg | TOKYO (Reuters) - Japan's parliament began a debate on Tuesday about plans for a new nuclear watchdog, raising hopes of a compromise after months of political bickering that has postponed a tightening of industry oversight after the ...

Japan ruling party resumes bickering over when PM to quit
By Linda Sieg and Yoko Nishikawa TOKYO, June 3 (Reuters) - Japan's fractious ruling party resumed its bickering on Friday after Prime Minister Naoto Kan hinted he wanted to keep his job into the new year, angering rivals who had voted down a ...

Twist in the Ambani Feud
The bickering between India's billionaire Ambani brothers and their Reliance companies took yet another twist Sunday when the younger brother, Anil, asked for divine help to solve what court cases and a nasty publicity campaign have failed to fix.

They bicker over small improvements such as class size and curriculum, like diplomats touring a refugee camp and talking about the need for nicer curtains. To the extent they intervene at all, politicians respond by either throwing more money at the problem (if they're on the left) or making it easier for some parents to send their kids to private schools (if they're on the right).

House Passes Homeowner Aid
The U.S. House of Representatives passed a package of measures aimed at tackling the housing crisis, but bickering signaled turbulence ahead for the legislation.

• New Mortgage-Insurance Details Due

3. "Dynasty"

Broadcast 14 October 2000 and covering 1087–1216. There is no saga more powerful than that of the warring dynasty – domineering father, beautiful, scheming mother and squabbling, murderous sons and daughters, (particularly the nieces). In the years that followed the Norman Conquest, this was the drama played out on the stage of British history.

Apple asked a federal judge to sanction Samsung by declaring its own patents valid, as a squabble over disputed evidence in their patent case continued for a third day.

squabble over the value of folk art

Tougher Swap Rules Delayed
Long-awaited international rules to tighten the oversight of complex derivatives likely won’t be in place by year end because regulators are squabbling about the details.

Despite this shift, Taiwanese politics has lost little of its rancour. In the past few days, Mr Ma and his party, the Kuomintang (KMT), have been squabbling bitterly with the opposition Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) and its leader, Tsai Ing-wen, over the key question of persimmons. Mr Ma has accused the DPP of causing “terror” among persimmon farmers by saying in its campaign literature that the price of the fleshy, orange fruit had slumped.

For a time in college, I shared a dorm suite with three other girls.
We food shopped and ate dinner together but always squabbled over what groceries to buy. It got to the point where the only food we could agree on was corn, so that was what we got.

This was B.G. (Before Google.) So I simply assumed that it either had to do with too much maize in the Inca diet or that Mom was just trying to scare me into healthier behavior — as when she attempted to ward off any tequila-tippling by calling to ask portentously: Do you know why so many tequila drinkers have nervous breakdowns?
  • prténts〕

1 前兆の;重大な, ゆゆしい, 不吉な, 凶兆の.
2 驚異的な, 驚くべき;けたはずれの.
3 まじめな, 厳粛な, 大げさな, もったいぶった.


to argue about unimportant matters:
Will you two stop bickering!
They're always bickering with each other about/over their personal problems.
  1. 吵嘴,爭吵
  2. (水等)作潺潺聲
  3. 閃爍
n. (名詞 noun)
  1. 吵嘴
  2. (水的)潺潺聲
[動](自)1 (つまらないことで)口論する((about, over ...));(人と)言い争う((with ...)).2 〈川などが〉勢いよく流れる, 〈流れが〉ごぼこぼいう;〈雨が〉ぱ...
[名][U](常習的な)口論, 論争.

The council finally elected a leader after several days of bickering.

To engage in a disagreeable argument, usually over a trivial matter; wrangle. See synonyms at argue.n.
A noisy quarrel, usually about a trivial matter.
[Probably of Scandinavian

Pronunciation: /ˈskwɒb(ə)l/

Definition of squabble in English:


noisy quarrel about something trivial:family squabbles


[NO OBJECT]Back to top  
Quarrel noisily over a trivial matter:the boys were squabbling over a ball


early 17th century: probably imitative; compare withSwedish dialect skvabbel 'a dispute'.


  • レベル:社会人必須
[名]番犬;番人, 監視者.
━━[動](〜ged, 〜・ging)(他)…の番犬(役)を務める.

 frăk'shəs) pronunciation

  1. Inclined to make trouble; unruly.
  2. Having a peevish nature; cranky.
[From FRACTION, discord (obsolete).]
fractiously frac'tious·ly adv.
fractiousness frac'tious·ness n.
  • 音記号[frǽkʃəs]

1 〈子供・老人などが〉不きげんな, 怒りっぽい, けんか好きの
get fractious
2 〈人・動物などが〉手に負えない.


feuds (複数形) • feuded (過去形) • feuded (過去分詞) • feuding (現在分詞) • feuds (三人称単数現在)
1 (特に2者間の長年の)不和, 確執, 宿恨.
2 (…との;…についての)争い, 反目((with ...;over ...))
keep up a feud over ...
have a feud with ...
━━[動](自)(…と;…について)長い間反目する[争う]((with ...;over ...)).
[中フランス語feide←古高地ドイツ語fēhida(敵意). △FOE

 crank·y 1  (krngk)
adj. crank·i·er, crank·i·est
1. Having a bad disposition; peevish.
2. Having eccentric ways; odd.
3. Full of bends and turns; crooked: a cranky mountain road.
4. Working unpredictably; erratic: a cranky old truck.
5. Rickety; loose.

cranki·ly adv.
cranki·ness n.
[形](-i・er, -i・est)1(1) ((米略式))〈人が〉気むずかしい, 怒りっぽい, つむじ曲がりの, 意地の悪い.(2) ((英))変人の;〈考えなどが〉風変わりの, 奇妙な.2 ...

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Plans for New EU 'Stress Tests' Spur Squabbling
European officials plan a new round of bank 'stress tests' next year that they say will be more rigorous than this year's tests, but nations are already bickering over the details