2016年6月2日 星期四

lick, lick its wounds, as never before

TOKYO, March 31 (Reuters) - Japanese opposition leader Ichiro Ozawa said on Tuesday he would decide whether to quit over a funding scandal based on the outlook for his party winning a general election this year.

Pressure on Ozawa to quit ahead of the general election, which must be held by October, is expected to grow after backing for his Democratic Party has slipped in opinion polls and an opposition candidate was trounced in a local race.[ID:nT111221]

About two-thirds of voters in surveys have said Ozawa should resign. "I must sincerely accept the (results of) the opinion polls and respond, but the final basis on which I will make my judgment is whether or not we can win the election," he told a news conference.

The Democrats had looked set to oust the long-ruling Liberal Democratic Party until Ozawa's closest aide was arrested and charged with illegal fundraising this month, clouding chances for a breakthrough in the political deadlock that has been stymying policies as Japan's recession deepens. [ID:nT109240]

All these works are old friends; their pleasure doesn’t pall. This season the slow movements of “Esplanade” seem to have had a particularly fresh lick of paint. The episode when the tall, beautiful Laura Halzack sits on the floor and seems to contract in sobs hit me (and other more experienced Taylor followers) as never before.

As Israelis Head To Polls, Anxiety And Fatigue Rule

JERUSALEM, Feb. 9 -- Israel's military has just trounced its enemies in the Gaza Strip. It has been more than a year since an Israeli civilian was last killed by a Palestinian suicide bomber. The economy, while showing signs of strain, has weathered the global downturn better than most.
(By Griff Witte, The Washington Post)

The New York Times
January 31, 2009
The New Yorker Collection

A cartoon by Lee Lorenz published in The New Yorker on June 22, 2002.

on Page 69:
"Moreover, his triumph in trouncing the 'old corps' politicians seemed to suggest a new kind of politician and a new kind of politics, neatly encapsulated in Dr Johnson's contrast between Walpole as a `minister given by the king to the people' ,and Pitt as ' minister given by people to the king'. ... "

Taiwan's KMT trounces DPP in legislature poll

Ralph Jennings (Reuters)
...TAIPEI (Reuters) - Taiwan's main opposition Nationalist Party (KMT) thrashed the ruling DPP in legislative elections on...

KMT must ride momentum to retake Taiwan presidency

By Lee Chyen Yee
Sunday, January 13, 2008; 12:06 AM

TAIPEI (Reuters) - A landslide victory in Taiwan's legislative polls gave the opposition Kuomintang a fresh mandate to control parliament, but it needs to ride that momentum to retake the presidency in March, newspapers said on Sunday.
While KMT candidate Ma Ying-jeou is frontrunner for the March presidential election, the party that once governed the whole of China must act quickly to capitalize on Saturday's trouncing of the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP).
"The Kuomintang's landslide victory cannot be translated into a sure win for Ma in that race," the China Post said in an editorial.
"The ruling party will be trying to lick its wounds after such a heavy loss in yesterday's election, hoping for a pendulum effect to help them to beat the Kuomintang a little more than two months from now," the English-language paper said.
The KMT, or Nationalist Party, won 72 percent of the vote on Saturday, taking 81 seats in the newly streamlined 113-member chamber.
This sweeping victory strengthens its bid to regain the presidency after eight years of Chen Shui-bian, the pro-independence leader who must step down this year. A KMT presidency would herald better relations with China as the party favors closer economic ties and more dialogue with Beijing.
There was no immediate official comment from China after Saturday's elections. Beijing insists Taiwan is a breakaway province which must return to mainland rule, and has threatened to use force to prevent a formal move towards independence.
A combination of Taiwan's lackluster economic performance and a string of scandals plaguing the DPP helped boost the KMT vote on Saturday, but the China Times newspaper urged the Nationalists not to be complacent.
"The Taiwan people used their votes to teach the DPP a lesson and also give the KMT a chance," the Chinese-language China Times said, adding that the KMT should be humble while the DPP should reflect on its record.
While the DPP won just 27 seats, or 24 percent, the rest going to smaller groups, analysts said it was too early to write off the party completely.
DPP presidential candidate Frank Hsieh vowed on Sunday to do his best to win the March elections.
"One party dominating three quarters of the parliament is not conducive to Taiwan democracy," he told reporters.
Analysts said Hsieh was likely to take over as party chairman after President Chen resigned to take responsibility for Saturday's loss. Chen left Taiwan on Sunday on a visit to diplomatic allies Guatemala and Saint Lucia.
The newly elected parliament has been cut to half the size of its predecessor, which had 225 seats, in an effort to reduce corruption and boost efficiency.
As is standard, the cabinet led by Premier Chang Chun-hsiung will resign en masse on January 28 before the new legislature convenes at the beginning of February.
Taiwan's political separation from the Chinese mainland dates back to the end of the Chinese Civil War in 1949 when Mao Zedong's Communist armies swept to victory and the defeated Kuomintang set up their rival government on the island.
(Editing by Roger Crabb)

as never before
in a way that has never been possible before:
Satellite technology offers the opportunity, as never before, for continuous television coverage of major international events.

wound 1 

Pronunciation: /wuːnd/ 


1An injury to living tissue caused by a cut, blow, or other impact, typically one in which the skin is cut or broken:knife woundchest woundsa wound to the thigh
1.1An injury to a person’s feelings or reputation:the new crisis has opened old wounds


1Inflict a wound on:the sergeant was seriously wounded(as adjective woundeda wounded soldier
1.1Injure (a person’s feelings):you really wounded his pride when you turned him down


v., licked, lick·ing, licks. v.tr.
  1. To pass the tongue over or along: lick a stamp.
  2. To lap up.
  3. To lap or flicker at like a tongue: The waves licked the sides of the boat.
  4. Slang. To punish with a beating; thrash.
  5. Slang. To get the better of; defeat: licked her weight problem.
To pass or lap quickly and rapidly: The flames licked at our feet.
  1. The act or process of licking.
  2. An amount obtained by licking: a lick of ice cream.
  3. A small quantity; a bit: hasn't got a lick of common sense.
  4. A deposit of exposed natural salt that is licked by passing animals.
  5. A sudden hard stroke; a blow.
  6. An attempt; a try.
  7. Informal. Speed; pace: moving along at a good lick.
  8. Music. A phrase improvised by a soloist, especially on the guitar or banjo.
lick and a promise
  1. A superficial effort made without care or enthusiasm.
lick into shape Informal.
  1. To bring into satisfactory condition or appearance.
lick (one's) chops
  1. To anticipate delightedly.
lick (one's) wounds
  1. To recuperate after a defeat.
lick (someone's) boots
  1. To behave in a servile or obsequious manner toward someone.

lick =defeat
lick your wounds
to spend time getting back your strength or happiness after a defeat or bad experience


to defeat a competitor by a large amount:
France trounced Germany by five goals to one in the qualifying match.
She trounced her rivals in the election.

v., trounced, trounc·ing, trounc·es. v.tr.
  1. To thrash; beat.
  2. To defeat decisively.
To censure something or someone forcefully: “I was out to trounce on every digression and indiscretion conducted (or should I say semiconducted) in this performance” (Robert Maxwell Stern).
[Origin unknown.]


━━ vt. なぐる (beat); ひどくこらしめる; (試合などで)さんざんにやっつける.

noun [C usually singular] INFORMAL
a serious defeat:
the party's trouncing (= serious defeat) in the local elections
Major changes are expected in the England team following their 3-0 trouncing last Saturday.