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When State Control Damages a City

The crisis in Flint raises questions about how and when state-appointed emergency managers should intervene.

Find futuristic funhouses, French-Japanese hybrid cuisine and some of the city's best shwarma in the Marais district.

Intervention on Table for Dollar
Bush talked up the dollar's prowess, saying "long-term strength" of the U.S. economy would be reflected in the currency. Paulson refused to rule out intervening in the markets to prop up the flagging currency.


Evolutionary biology: Early evolution comes full circle p134

Biologists use phylogenetic trees系統樹to depict the history of life. But according to a new and roundabout view, such trees are not the best way to summarize life's deepest evolutionary relationships.
William Martin and T. Martin Embley
生物學名詞:植物部分 phylogeny (Haeckel1866);genealogy.;phylogenetic biology;phylogenesis 系統發生種系發生史
地質學名詞 phylogenetic species 系譜種
roundabout (CIRCULAR OBJECT) Show phonetics
noun [C]
1 UK (US traffic circlea place where three or more roads join and traffic must go around a circular area in the middle, rather than straight across

2 UK (US merry-go-rounda flat round piece of equipment in play areas on which children sit or stand and are pushed round and round

3 UK merry-go-round (= machine with animals or vehicles for children to ride at a fair)
之前「讀《中國縱橫:一個漢學家的學術探索之旅》」談起書目; Jonathan D. Spence(史景遷)著,《中國縱橫:一個漢學家的學術探索之旅》(Chinese Roundabout: Essays in History and Culture),夏俊霞等譯,上海遠東出版社,2005
Chinese Roundabout 之翻譯,它的正確說法,可能是《中国走马灯》--「驰骋国际汉学界的骁将」-朱政惠-『上海市社會科學界聯合會04年第5期』(朱政惠 华东师范大学教授 roundabout (INDIRECT) Show phonetics
not in a simple, direct or quick way:
We took a roundabout route to avoid the accident.
He asked me, in a roundabout way, if he could have a salary increase.

intervene (GET INVOLVED)
verb [I]
to intentionally become involved in a difficult situation in order to improve it or prevent it from getting worse:
The Central Bank intervened in the currency markets today to try to stabilize the exchange rate.
[+ to infinitive] The Minister intervened personally to stop the museum being closed.

noun [C or U]
Half the people questioned said they were opposed to military intervention (in the civil war).
Repeated interventions on the currency markets have failed to prevent the value of the currency falling.

(of a government or their actions) tending to become involved, either in the problems of another country, or in the economy of one's own country:
an interventionist role
interventionist economic policy

noun [U]
UN interventionism

on the table
If a plan or suggestion has been put/laid on the table, it has been made available for people to hear, read or discuss.

shawarma; shawerma; shawirma

[shuh-WAHR-mah; sh-WAHR-mah] A Middle Eastern version of the gyro, shawarma consists of spiced, marinated lamb (sometimes chicken or veal) that has been molded around a vertical, rotating spit and slowly roasted. Thin slices of the meat are shaved off as the spit keeps turning. The hot meat is wrapped in lavash or pita bread, spread with hummus or tahini and topped with shredded vegetables. In Turkey the shawarma is known as doner kebab.

Wikipedia article "Shawarma"

Toaster Oven/Broilers Recalled by Haier America Due to Burn or Electrical Shock Hazard

WASHINGTON, D.C. - The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, in cooperation with the firm named below, today announced a voluntary recall of the following consumer product. Consumers should stop using recalled products immediately unless otherwise instructed.
Name of Product: Toaster Oven/Broilers
Units: About 106,000
Importer: Haier America Trading L.L.C., of New York, N.Y.
Manufacturer: Lun Dar Electric Ind. Ltd., of Taiwan
Hazard: Electrical connections in the toaster oven/broilers can become loose, posing electrical shock and burn hazards.
Incidents/Injuries: Haier America has received two reports of minor burns and one report of a minor electrical shock to consumers, and one report of minor property damage.

Description: This recall involves toaster oven/broilers with model number RTO1400SS. The units are stainless steel and black plastic. “Haier” is printed on the front and the model number is printed on a label on the back of the toaster oven/broilers.
Sold at: Mass merchandisers and specialty retailers nationwide from September 2006 through January 2009 for approximately $20 to $40.
Manufactured in: China
Remedy: Consumers should immediately stop using the recalled toaster oven/broilers and contact Haier America to receive a free replacement toaster oven/broiler.
Consumer Contact: For additional information, contact Haier America at (866) 927-4810 anytime, or visit the firm’s Web site at www.haieramerica.com

Picture of Recalled Toaster Oven


━━ n. 焼き肉用鉄板[網]; ブロイラー ((食用若鶏(どり))) a young chicken suitable for roasting or grilling ; 〔話〕 とても暑い日

grill (COOK)
verb [T] (US ALSO broil)
to cook something by direct heat, especially under a very hot surface in a cooker:
I grilled the sausages.
See picture .

noun [C]
1 (US ALSO broiler) the surface in a cooker which can be heated to very high temperatures and under which you put food to be cooked
See picture .

2 a frame of metal bars over a fire on which food can be put to be cooked

Char-Broil Recalls Two-Burner Gas Grills Sold Exclusively at Big Lots Stores




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山形屋によると、不当表示があったのは「鶏炭火焼と冷や汁セット」(3675円)と「鶏炭火焼セット」(2940円)の2点。包装やチラシには正 しい商品名を書いたが、インターネット上は「地鶏炭火焼」となっていた。宮崎市の宮崎山形屋が同市内の食品加工会社から仕入れた。入力担当者の誤入力が原 因という。
2007年10月25日0時48分 読売新聞)

けいひん 景品

a premium; a (free) gift; 〔米〕a giveaway.
~を出す offer giveaways [gifts].
景品券 a premium ticket; a coupon.
景品付売出し a sale with gifts [premiums].
景品表示法 Law for Preventing Unjustifiable Lagniappes and Misleading Representation.

景品表示法 【けいひんひょうじほう】

「不当景品類及び不当表示防止法」の略称。消費者に誤認させる不当表示と,販売促進のための景品類の行き過ぎを規制する目的で,1962 年(昭和 37)制定。景表法