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mislay, visibility, high-vis, lay bare sth

In Havana, Castro’s Death Lays Bare Generation Gap

In hearing about Mr. Castro’s death, many older Cubans went into mourning, but younger people were generally indifferent.

Taiwan's government said on Friday that it had lost track of $30m in foreign aid after it handed the money to two men it barely knew hoping they could help establish diplomatic ties with Papua New Guinea.

Hungary lays bare EU East-West split

CBS to Lay Bare Its Plans

The "skin" video-ad format, in which an ad appears in a graphic surrounding the window where the video plays, is getting a boost from CBS.

Bill Gross, who manages the world's biggest bond fund at Pacific Investment Management Company, said he thinks the Treasury will probably need to buy as much as $30 billion of preferred shares in both Fannie and Freddie by the end of next month, Bloomberg News wrote.

Referring to Henry Paulson, the former Goldman Sachs chief executive who is now the Treasuary secretary, he said, "Paulson can play this game for as long as he wants, but the end is becoming visible."

adjective: hi-vis
  1. short for high-visibility.
    "railway workers in high-vis jackets"

1 able to be seen:
You should wear something light-coloured when you're cycling at night so that you're more visible.
The writing on the tombstone was barely visible.
There are few visible signs of the illness that kept her in hospital for so long.
The comet should be visible to the naked eye.

2 able or tending to attract public attention and be noticed:
In a very short period of time, she has become a highly visible national leader.

in a way that can be noticed; obviously:
The Princess, visibly moved, kept her head bowed during the ceremony.

noun [U]
1 how clearly objects can be seen, or how far you can see clearly, usually because of the weather conditions:
Mist is still causing poor visibility - down to five metres in parts of the south-east.

2 the degree to which something is seen by the public:
The increasing visibility of the nation's poor and homeless has forced the government into taking action.

lay bare sth
to make something known:
It's been promoted as the biography that lays bare the truth behind the legend.

verb [T] mislaid, mislaid
to lose something temporarily by forgetting where you have put it:
Could I borrow a pen? I seem to have mislaid mine.

shave, incarnation, milestone, relay, hurdles

Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 (VS08) is the current incarnation of the company's long line of IDEs.
Baidu Shares Decline on Executive's Death
As U.S. investors ended 2007 by selling, Baidu.com saw its titanic annual gain shaved as a key executive died.

"We also see this announcement as the next major milestone in Microsoft's transformation to embrace online services overall and to invest very successfully in search and online advertising," said Mr. Ballmer during a conference call with analysts. ( February 1, 2008 wsj)

The Indie Singer-Harpist Who Met the Orchestra 
Joanna Newsom’s Brooklyn concerts this week are an individual milestone.

The ‘Celebration Vacation’: The New Way Friends Are Marking Milestone Birthdays W1

More people are choosing to celebrate their big birthdays and anniversaries far from home, inviting all their friends along for a blowout trip. Here’s how to plan your own celebration vacation



noun [C] (UK ALSO milepost)" 里程標; 画期的事件."
1 a stone or post at the side of the road on which is marked the distance to various places, especially to the nearest large town

 工程中milestone一般照譯為里程碑(不是里程表)。付款方面,多稱付款時程表,不管老英老美怎麼叫。" (CH)

2 an important event in the development or history of something or in someone's life:
He felt that moving out from his parents' home was a real milestone in his life.譬如說 某歌星"演出第100場".....

The noun shave has one meaning:
Meaning #1: the act of removing hair with a razor
Synonym: shaving

The verb shave has 6 meanings:
Meaning #1: remove body hair with a razor
Meaning #2: cut closely
Synonym: trim
Meaning #3: cut the price of
Synonym: knock off

Meaning #4: cut slices from
Synonym: plane
Meaning #5: make shavings of or reduce to shavings
Meaning #6: touch the surface of lightly

relay ━━ n. ((集合的)) 換え[継ぎ]馬; 新材料(の供給); 交代者, 新手; 【スポーツ】リレー; 【電気】継電器; 【通信】中継(放送).

━━ vt. 交代させる; 中継する.

 relay race リレー(競走[競泳]), 継走.

 relay station 【放送】中継局.

The Relay Satellite will be separated in an elliptical orbit. with an apolune altitude of 2400 km, and the VRAD Satel- .... Relay Satellite. Release. ⑨VRAD衛星分離. VRAD Satellite. Release. ⑩月周回観測. Observation. ⑦月周回軌道投入 ...

リレー衛星分離に成功 月の写真もくっきり 「かぐや」








━━ a. 肉体を備えた; 人の姿をした, 化身の; (抽象概念が)具体化された.
━━ , vt. 肉体を与える, 化身させる ((in, as)); …の化身[権化(ごんげ)]である, 典型である; ((普通受身で)) 具体[具現]化する ((in, as)).
in・car・na・tion ━━ n. 化身, 権化, (輪廻(りんね)中の)一時期(の姿); 典型; 具体化; (the I-) 神性がキリストの肉体に宿ったこと, 託身.

forger, vat, burst, hoop, college hoops, cock-a-hoop

Brimming  with Beer

with Beer
"Dad took the art to the dealers. He was bored with retirement: he liked the excitement."

Shaun Greenhalgh has turned his hand to everyone from Leonardo da Vinci to Lowry. He’s been to prison, but has never revealed the whole picture. Until…
Lin, an Asian-American (rare in the NBA) who played college hoops at Harvard (even rarer in the NBA), was cut from two teams before landing with the Knicks this year. When injuries to starters gave Lin a chance to play more, he blossomed into a star in just a few games, setting off an episode of "Lin-Sanity" that swept New York and swept up many Asian fans. 

Was there really a time when beer flowed through the streets of London?
Yes. But it wasn't necessarily a good thing. In the 19th century, beer fermented for months at a time in huge vats that rested on the roof of the Horse Shoe Brewery on Tottenham Court Road and Oxford Street. On October 17, 1814, the iron hoops supporting the largest vat — which held some 600,000 liters (160,000 gallons) of porter — collapsed under the weight. The vat burst and all the beer came gushing out, causing the vats nearby to explode as well. More than a million liters (265,000 gallons) of beer knocked down the 25-foot (7.6-meter) brick wall of the brewery and flooded the surrounding streets. Roofs collapsed and houses toppled. Nine people died, mostly due to drowning or from fatal injuries from passing timber. One man died of alcohol poisoning, after drinking too much of the beverage. Neighborhood residents rushed out with mugs, pots and buckets to collect the free beer. Though a lawsuit was brought against the brewery, the London Beer Flood was ruled an act of God and the brewery was not held legally responsible.

[名]1 (液体貯蔵用の)大おけ, 大タンク;《化学》建染(たてぞめ)剤;建染染料タンク.2 皮なめし用のおけ, 製紙用おけ.3 塩田.━━[動](〜・ted, 〜・ting)(他)…を大おけに...


  • 発音記号[húːp]
1 (金属・木などの)輪, (おけなどの)たが;輪状の物(輪回し遊びの輪など).
2 (スカートを広げる)輪骨, 張り骨.
3 《クローケー》柱門;《バスケット》リング.
go [jump] through the hoops
jump through a hoop
put a person through the hoops
roll one's hoop
shoot hoops



  • predicative Extremely and obviously pleased, especially about a triumph or success.


Mid 17th century: from the phrase set cock a hoop, of unknown origin, apparently denoting the action of turning on the tap and allowing liquor to flow (prior to a drinking session).



In a state of exuberant elation.


First, a health warning. If you are hoping to find a straightforward explanation of the origin of the term 'cock-a-hoop' here you will be disappointed. The expression has one of the most Byzantine etymologies of all the phrases in English. If you aren't daunted by that caveat, read on...

lodge, lodger, generic, pit sb/sth against

"It wasn't until she looked under the furniture and noticed two little eyes staring back at her, that she realised she had a lodger."

The document was lodged by Google in a California court in response to a lawsuit that accused the web giant of breaking US laws when it scans emails in order to target adverts to users.

Via dei Fori Imperiali is a wide, busy artery that passes the Colosseum.

Rome Journal

Road Through Roman History Creates Colossal Headache


A plan to ban private vehicles on Via dei Fori Imperiali, a wide, busy artery that passes the Colosseum, has pit the mayor and conservationists against residents and shops.

In China, Protests Over Newspaper Censorship Escalate

Protests at one of China’s most liberal newspapers pitted free speech advocates against supporters of Communist Party control who wielded red flags and portraits of Mao Zedong.

Deals to Keep Generic Drugs Off Market Get a Court Rebuff
Going against a decade of rulings, a federal appeals court said payments aimed at holding back generics were anticompetitive, setting up possible review by the Supreme Court. 

The Ratiopharm auction is riveting drug makers and analysts because it pits the world's biggest maker of brand-name drugs, the U.S. company Pfizer, against the global leader in generics, Israel's Teva Pharmaceutical Industries.

A top trade official, China’s ambassador to the World Trade Organization, noted that 118 trade cases were lodged against the country in 2009, some 23 of them from the United States. He didn’t expect things to improve this year.lodge (about or against)
IN BRIEF: A place to live. Also: To place as a complaint before the proper authority.

pronunciation The club will lodge a complaint about the meeting room with the school principal.

India to give free generic drugs to hundreds of millions

India has put in place a $5.4 billion policy to provide free medicine to its people.
From city hospitals to tiny rural clinics, India’s public doctors will soon be able to prescribe free generic drugs to all comers, vastly expanding access to medicine in a country where public spending on health was just $4.50 per person last year.
Under the plan, doctors will be limited to a generics-only drug list and face punishment for prescribing branded medicines, a major disadvantage for pharmaceutical giants in one of the world’s fastest-growing drug markets.

"Without a doubt, it is a considerable blow to an already beleaguered industry, " said KPMG partner Chris Stirling.

But the initiative would overhaul a system where healthcare is often a luxury, despite 40 percent of the people living below the poverty line, or $1.25 a day or less.

Within five years, up to half of India’s 1.2 billion people are likely to take advantage of the scheme, the government says. Others are likely to continue visiting private hospitals and clinics, where the scheme will not operate. (Reuters)
5年內,印度12億人口中高達半數人民可能受惠於這項計畫,政府指出。其他可能繼續到民營醫院與診所就醫,該項計畫將不在這些醫療院所運作。 (路透)



  • 1 [with object] present (a complaint, appeal, claim, etc.) formally to the proper authorities:he has 28 days in which to lodge an appeal
  •  (lodge something in/with) leave money or a valuable item in (a place) or with (someone) for safekeeping:the money is lodged in a bank
  • 2 [with adverbial of place] make or become firmly fixed or embedded in a place:[with object]:they had to remove a bullet lodged near his spine[no object]: figurativethe image had lodged in her mind
  • 3 [no object, with adverbial] rent accommodation in another person’s house:the man who lodged in the room next door
  •  [with object and adverbial] provide (someone) with accommodation in return for payment:she was lodged in the same hall
  • 4 [with object] (of wind or rain) flatten (a standing crop):(as adjective lodged)rain that soaks standing or lodged crops

pit against
Set in direct opposition or competition, as in The civil war pitted brother against brother. This idiom alludes to setting fighting cocks or dogs against one another in a pit. [Mid-1700s]

1 (pit someone/thing against) set someone or something in conflict or competition with:you’ll get the chance to pit your wits against the world champions historical set an animal to fight against (another animal) for sport: there were usually three dogs pitted against one lion
[because formerly set against each other in a ‘pit’ or enclosure]

put in place︰動詞片語,實施、施行。例句︰The government will put in place special measures to control the spread of the deadly disease.(政府將實施特別措施以控制該致命疾病的擴散。)
overhaul︰動詞,徹底革新。例句︰The old system of education should be overhauled.(舊的教育制度應全面改革。)

generic drugs︰學名藥,指原廠的專利期已過,其他藥廠可依原廠公佈的成分、製藥方式等資訊生產的藥物。與學名藥相對的是branded drugs(專利藥、原廠藥)。


  • 発音記号[dʒənérik]
1 《生物》属の, 〈性質などが〉属に特有な
a generic trait
a generic name
2 一般的な, 包括的な(⇔specific).
3 《文法》〈数・人称・時制が〉総称の
the generic person
総称人称(1人称, 2人称, 3人称の違いを越えてすべての人称に通じる人称;人々一般を指すone, we, you, theyなど).
4 ((主に米))〈薬などが〉(商標登録による保護を受けず)一般名称で販売される. ▼brand name drugに対する
Aspirin is a generic name.
5 無印商品の, ノーブランドの.

generic advertising

expendable, Comic-Con, convention, stabbed, brutal places

The tech economy is a ruthless meritocracy. Those who are merely good, rather than great, are expendable

Seating Dispute Leads to Stabbing at Comic-Con
In a rare show of violence at the annual convention, a man in his mid-20s was stabbed in the eye with a pen by another man who wanted his seat at the "Resident Evil: Afterlife" panel.

What is Comic-Con all about? Comic-Con is an annual international gathering of comic book creators, hobbyists and aficionados. It began in 1970 in San Diego. Each year, new movies and television shows that feature comic book, science fiction, anime and game characters are screened, and many of the stars make guest appearances at the convention. This year's three-day Comic-Con, which closed yesterday, previewed upcoming movies Megamind, RED, The Expendables, Super, Green Lantern, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Paul and Cowboys and Aliens, among others. Comic-Con is the largest gathering of its kind in the Western Hemisphere. Happy 65th birthday to Helen Mirren, a featured guest at this year's Comic-Con. Especially known for her roles as Queen Elizabeth (I and II), Tolstoy's wife (in The Last Station) and Prime Suspect's homicide detective Jane Tennison, she stars in the thriller RED along with Bruce Willis, Mary Louise Parker, Morgan Freeman and John Malkovich.

  1. of relatively little significance, and therefore able to be abandoned or destroyed.
    "the region is expendable in the wider context of national politics"
    synonyms:dispensable, able to be sacrificed, replaceableMore
    • (of an object) designed to be used only once and then abandoned or destroyed.
      "unmanned and expendable launch vehicles"