2009年9月30日 星期三

"fully improve", play its full part in global rebalancing

Chinese President Xi Jinping said on Thursday that he hoped Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte's "milestone" visit to China could help "fully improve" ties between the two countries, which have suffered over disputes in the South China Sea.

Last, but not least, the crisis painfully underlined the limits of export-led growth. China’s proclaimed goal of boosting household spending requires a stronger currency, which would lift consumers’ real purchasing power. If China allows the yuan to rise, other Asian countries are likely to follow suit. Only then will Asia play its full part in global rebalancing.

2009年9月29日 星期二

try one's patience , spare a thought

《中英對照讀新聞》’I can’t take it!’ cried Kadhafi interpreter 格達費的口譯員高喊「我受不了了」!


If Libyan leader Moamer Kadhafi’s rambling, podium-hogging speech at the United Nations tried the patience of many UN delegates, spare a thought for his simultaneous interpreter.


The Libyan’s interpreter managed to hang on for the first 75 minutes of Wednesday’s epic before crying: "I just can’t take it anymore!" reported the New York Post daily.


Spotting the emergency, the UN’s Arabic section chief, Rasha Ajalyaqeen, took over for the final 20 minutes.



try the patience of a saint(Job)︰即使聖人(約伯;聖經中備受命運捉弄的義人)也無法忍受,意即令人受不了。本文的句子衍生自此句,意指許多聯合國代表失去耐性。

try one's patience

Put one's tolerance to a severe test, cause one to be annoyed, as in Putting these parts together really tries my patience, or Her constant lateness tries our patience. This idiom uses try in the sense of "test," a usage dating from about 1300.

spare a thought︰片語:想一想、思及。例句︰We should educate the children to spare a thought for those in need.(我們應教育孩子們多為需要的人想一想。)

save/spare sb's blushes British & Australian

to do something to prevent someone feeling embarrassed

Granger saved the team's blushes by scoring the only goal in the last five minutes of the game.
The audience's blushes were spared because the censors had removed all the explicit sex scenes from the film.

at this time, bookbag

at one time
  1. Simultaneously.
  2. At a period or moment in the past.
at the same time
  1. However; nonetheless.
at times
  1. On occasion; sometimes.

Sgt. Mark Roberts said police were suspicious that the boy was able to "escape" with his band instrument, but not his bookbag.


Roberts said the boy faces no charges at this time.



at this time:片語,此時、現在。例句:Authorities say they do have more information concerning the deaths but would not elaborate at this time.(當局表示他們確實在這些命案方面掌握更多的情報,但此刻不會詳細說明。)

2009年9月28日 星期一

bureaucratic bottleneck, bottle, contrarian

Then, from 1973 to 2005, Mr. Safire wrote his twice-weekly “Essay” for the Op-Ed page of The Times, a forceful conservative voice in the liberal chorus. Unlike most Washington columnists who offer judgments with Olympian detachment, Mr. Safire was a pugnacious contrarian who did much of his own reporting, called people liars in print and laced his opinions with outrageous wordplay.

His dislike of bureaucracy was legendary and fit with his sometimes contrarian nature, said Dr. Michael Witherell, Fermilab's current director, who has a handwritten note from Dr. Wilson that reads in part: ''An all too common failing of large institutions is to fall into the bureaucratic morass -- complicated procedures, red tape and all that. That's terrible.''


One who takes a contrary view or action, especially an investor who makes decisions that contradict prevailing wisdom, as in buying securities that are unpopular at the time.

contrarian contrarian adj.

Show phonetics
noun [C]
1 a place where a road becomes narrow, or a place where there is often a lot of traffic, causing the traffic to slow down or stop:
Roadworks are causing bottlenecks in the city cent

2 a problem that delays progress:
Is there any way of getting round this bureaucratic bottleneck?

ボトルネック bottleneck】瓶頸



Why IT often remains a bottleneck to growth

"A lot of other elements are in place," says Nick Holland, an analyst with Pyramid Research, Cambridge, Mass. "The latest block is the interface. That's the bottleneck."

Seattle-based ZenZui thinks it has a user-friendly approach.


bureaucracy PhoneticPhoneticPhoneticPhoneticPhoneticPhoneticPhoneticPhoneticPhoneticPhoneticPhoneticPhoneticPhoneticPhoneticPhoneticPhonetic Phonetic PhoneticPhoneticPhoneticPhoneticPhoneticPhoneticPhoneticPhoneticPhoneticPhoneticPhoneticPhoneticPhoneticPhonetic Hide phonetics
a system for controlling or managing a country, company or organization that is operated by a large number of officials who are employed to follow rules carefully:
I had to deal with the university's bureaucracy before I could change from one course to another.

bureaucrat PhoneticPhoneticPhoneticPhoneticPhoneticPhoneticPhoneticPhoneticPhoneticPhoneticPhoneticPhoneticPhoneticPhoneticPhonetic Phonetic PhoneticPhoneticPhoneticPhoneticPhoneticPhoneticPhoneticPhoneticPhoneticPhonetic Hide phonetics
noun [C]
someone working in a bureaucracy:
It turned out she was one of those faceless bureaucrats who control our lives.

bureaucratic PhoneticPhoneticPhoneticPhoneticPhoneticPhoneticPhoneticPhoneticPhoneticPhoneticPhoneticPhoneticPhoneticPhoneticPhoneticPhoneticPhoneticPhonetic Phonetic PhoneticPhoneticPhoneticPhoneticPhoneticPhoneticPhoneticPhoneticPhoneticPhoneticPhoneticPhoneticPhoneticPhoneticPhonetic Hide phonetics
I had a lot of bureaucratic hassle (= long and difficult dealings with officials) trying to get the information I needed.
The company was inefficient because it was highly bureaucratic.


(bŏt'l) pronunciation
  1. A receptacle having a narrow neck, usually no handles, and a mouth that can be plugged, corked, or capped.
  2. The quantity that a bottle holds.
  3. A receptacle filled with milk or formula that is fed, as to babies, in place of breast milk.
  4. Informal.
    1. Intoxicating liquor: Don't take to the bottle.
    2. The practice of drinking large quantities of intoxicating liquor: Her problem is the bottle.
tr.v., -tled, -tling, -tles.
  1. To place in a bottle.
  2. To hold in; restrain: bottled up my emotions.

[Middle English botel, from Old French botele, from Medieval Latin butticula, diminutive of Late Latin buttis, cask.]

bottleneck PhoneticPhoneticPhoneticPhoneticPhoneticPhoneticPhoneticPhoneticPhoneticPhoneticPhoneticPhonetic Phonetic PhoneticPhoneticPhoneticPhoneticPhoneticPhoneticPhoneticPhoneticPhoneticPhonetic Hide phonetics
noun [C]
1 a place where a road becomes narrow, or a place where there is often a lot of traffic, causing the traffic to slow down or stop:
Roadworks are causing bottlenecks in the city centre.

2 a problem that delays progress:
Is there any way of getting round this bureaucratic bottleneck?


━━ n. 瓶(1本の量); 授乳瓶; 〔話〕 (the ~) 酒, 飲酒; 〔英俗〕 度胸.
be on the bottle 酒びたりで.
hit the bottle 〔俗〕 酒豪である.
lose one's bottle 〔英俗〕 気後れする, ひるむ.
over the [a] bottle 酒を飲みながら.
take to the bottle 酒におぼれる.
━━ vt. 瓶に詰める ((up)).
bottle out 怖じ気づく.
bottle up (感情を)抑える; 封じ込める; (犯人を)捕える.
bottle baby 人工栄養の乳児.
bottle bank 〔英〕 (リサイクル用)空き瓶回収用容器.
bot・tled ━━ a. 瓶詰めの.
bottle-feed ━━ vt. 人工栄養[ミルク]で育てる.
bottle-fed a. ミルクで育った.
bot・tle・ful ━━ n. ひと瓶(の量).
bottle green 暗緑色.
bottle・neck 隘路(あいろ); 障害; 瓶の首; 【楽】ボトルネック(奏法) ((ギターの弦の上を折った瓶の首やガラスの管を滑らせて音を出す)); 【コンピュータ】ボトルネック ((遅くなる原因の処理)).

bottle・nose 【動】バンドウイルカ ((約3m)); とっくり[だんご]鼻.
bottle opener 栓抜き.
bottle party 酒持寄りのパーティー.
bottle-washer 〔話〕 雑役夫, 下っぱ.