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carcass, carcase

  1. The dead body of an animal, especially one slaughtered for food.
  2. The body of a human.
  3. Remains from which the substance or character is gone: the carcass of a once glorious empire.
  4. A framework or basic structure: the carcass of a burned-out building.

[Middle English carcas, from Anglo-Norman carcais and Medieval Latin carcasium.]

car・cass, car・case

━━ n. (獣の)死体; 残骸(がい); 骨組み; (人の)体.

Carcass of 37000-year-old baby mammoth arrives in Japan for study
The Canadian Press -
TOKYO - The frozen carcass of a 37000-year-old baby mammoth unearthed this summer in Siberia arrived in Japan on Saturday for tests that researchers hope ...

TimesSelect A Land of Camel Milk and Honey
In the north of the carcass of Somalia is the breakaway would-be nation of Somaliland, and it is a remarkable success — for a country that doesn’t exist.

plum (GOOD)

plum (GOOD) PhoneticPhoneticPhoneticPhoneticPhoneticPhonetic Hide phonetics
adjective [before noun] plummer, plummest
very good and worth having:
How did you manage to get such a plum job?

(from Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary)

Google veterans leaving the nest in search of bigger jobs
International Herald Tribune - France
By Miguel Helft SAN FRANCISCO: Chris Sacca had a plum job as the Wi-Fi guru at Google. But with his stock options fully vested, he left the Internet search ...

At Universities, Plum Post at Top Is Now Shaky
A series of ousters reflect the uneasy relationship between those running colleges and those teaching at them.

plum━━ n. 【植】セイヨウスモモ(の木) (plum tree); プラム, 干しブドウ; 暗紫色; ボンボン; 〔話〕 精粋, 逸品; 〔話〕 見返りとしての[わりのいい]仕事; ((形容詞的)) すばらしい.
plum book 〔米話〕 大統領任命の政府のポストで空席のものをリスト化した政府刊行物.
plum cake [pudding] 干しブドウ入り菓子[プディング].
plum duff 干しブドウ入りプディング.

CWB warns against extremely heavy rain across Taiwan
China Post - Taipei,Taiwan
Most areas of Taiwan can expect "extremely heavy rain" until Tuesday because of a plum rain front that has remained stationery over Taiwan, ...梅爾

Quo Vadis, Doctor Honoris Causa

介紹希臘文和拉丁語各一 :Quo Vadis, Doctor Honoris Causa

名誉学位(Doctor Honoris Causa)我們稱為名譽博士 這不能掛為投頭銜

Quo Vadis (基督教名言 意思是"你往何處去?")是一本著名小說 漢譯版本多 從1925/51/85各有改編電影

譬如說 Quo Vadis Canis? : The Future of Dogs and Mankind -- Paperback by Fleig,

Quo Vadis, Google?
Earthtimes.org - USA
The past week has seen Google foray into as yet uncharted waters. With the announcement of a personalized home page, Google has ...

波蘭 導演


  • 2007年12月29日 15:28 発信地:ワルシャワ/ポーランド

1998年3月23日、パリのソルボンヌ大学(Sorbonne University)のRene Blanchet氏から名誉学位(Doctor Honoris Causa)を授与されるイェジー・カヴァレロヴィチ(Jerzy Kawalerowicz)氏(左)。(c)AFP/THOMAS COEX

【12月29日 AFP】ポーランドの首都ワルシャワ(Warsaw)で27日、ポーランド人映画監督のイェジー・カヴァレロヴィチ(Jerzy Kawalerowicz)氏が85歳で死去した。

 カヴァレロヴィチ氏は、1965年発表の『太陽の王子ファラオ(The Pharaoh)』でアカデミー賞にノミネートされ、また、1961年発表の『尼僧ヨアンナ(Mother Joanne of the Angels)』では第14回カンヌ国際映画祭(Cannes Film Festival)の審査員特別賞に輝いている。

 19世紀にノーベル賞(Nobel Prize)を受賞したポーランドの小説家、ヘンリク・シェンキェヴィチ(Henryk Sienkiewicz)の作品を映画化した2001年の『クオ・ヴァディス(Quo Vadis)』がカヴァレロヴィチ氏の最後の作品となった。

 また、カヴァレロヴィチ氏は、1978年に第28回ベルリン国際映画祭(Berlin International Film FestivalBerlinale)で銀熊賞芸術貢献賞を受賞している。(c)AFP

à propos, apropos of

apropos (RELATED)
adverbpreposition FORMAL
used to introduce something which is related to or connected with something that has just been said:
I had a letter from Sally yesterday - apropos (of) which, did you send her that article?
Apropos what you said yesterday, I think you made the right decision.

apropos (SUITABLE)
adjective [after verb] FORMAL
suitable in a particular situation or at a particular time:
clothes which are apropos to the occasion

ap·ro·pos (ăp'rə-pō')


Related to the matter at hand: applicable, apposite, germane, material, pertinent, relevant. Idioms: to the point. See relevant/irrelevant.

Being at once opportune and to the point. See synonyms at relevant.

At an appropriate time; opportunely.
By the way; incidentally: Apropos, where were you yesterday?
With regard to; concerning: Apropos our date for lunch, I can't go.

[French à propos : à, to (from Old French a, from Latin ad-; see ad–) + propos, purpose (from Latin prōpositum, neuter past participle of prōpōnere, to intend; see propose).]

à propos

ap·ro·pos (ăp'rə-pō')

Being at once opportune and to the point. See synonyms at relevant.
  1. At an appropriate time; opportunely.
  2. By the way; incidentally: Apropos, where were you yesterday?
With regard to; concerning: Apropos our date for lunch, I can't go.
[French à propos : à, to (from Old French a, from Latin ad-; see ad–) + propos, purpose (from Latin prōpositum, neuter past participle of prōpōnere, to intend; see propose).]

apropos of Concerning, in connection with, as in Apropos of keeping in touch, I haven't heard from her in months.
This idiom was a borrowing of the French à propos de ("to the purpose of") in the 17th century. At first it was used without of and meant "fitting" or "opportune," as in Their prompt arrival was very appropos. By the 1700s it was also being used with of, as in the current idiom, for "concerning" or "by way of."


Yet, my praise for libraries will be a little more optimistic. I belong to the people who still believe that printed books have a future and that all fears à propos of their disappearance are only the last example of other fears, or of milleniaristic terrors about the end of something, the world included.

hc:我請教RL關於à propos 的可能誤譯,他回答:【你的懷疑是正確的,譯文忽略了of的作用,如果à propos獨立使用的話,是當作副詞,表示改變話題,但是通常會以逗號隔開,也就是如譯文所表現的「順便一提」或「順便說一句」。

然而,根據上下文來看,這裡應該把à propos of視為一體,是作為介詞,相當於中文的「關於」。
我對於...all fears à propos of their disappearance...的解讀是「…所有與印刷書本消失有關的憂慮…」,fear並非一成不變的當「恐懼」解。 詳細應用可以參考apropos詞條。---à propos 之link:

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injunction, flip, demesne, summer stock

When she was 19 years old, Odetta landed a role in the Los Angeles production of Finian's Rainbow, which was staged in the summer of 1949 at the Greek Theatre in Los Angeles. It was during the run of this show that she first heard the blues harmonica master Sonny Terry. The following summer, Odetta was again performing in summer stock in California. This time it was a production of Guys and Dolls, staged in San Francisco.

As a result, some smaller publishers in the United States have signed service agreements with Amazon. But a few refused Amazon’s demand to shift the instant printing of their books to BookSurge, which they say has been demanding a discount of as much as 52 percent on the retail price.
“They’re still threatening us and other publishers, but they haven’t flipped the switch yet,” said Angela Hoy, the co-owner of Booklocker.com, a print-on-demand publisher in Bangor, Me., which filed a lawsuit in May seeking an injunction to keep Amazon from imposing BookSurge’s services on publishers.


━━ n. 命令; 【法】禁止命令, 履行命令.

flip (TURN QUICKLY) Show phonetics
verb [I or T; usually + adverb or preposition] -pp-
If you flip something, you turn it over quickly one or more times, and if something flips, it turns over quickly:
When one side is done, flip the pancake (over) to cook the other side.
I lost my place in my book when the pages flipped over in the wind.
You turn the television on by flipping (= operating) the switch at the side.
The captains flipped a coin into the air (= made it turn over in the air to see which side it landed on) to decide which side would bat first.

flip Show phonetics
noun [C]
when something turns over quickly or repeatedly:
a flip of a coin
The acrobats were doing somersaults and flips (= jumping and turning their bodies over in the air).

    1. A theatrical stock company.
    2. The repertoire of such a company.
    3. A theater or theatrical activity, especially outside of a main theatrical center: a small role in summer stock.


[See Demesne.]
1. Rule; management. [Obs.] Chaucer.
2. (Law) See Demesne.

Webster 1913 Dictionary edited by Patrick J. Cassidy

Wikipedia article "Demesne".


(dĭ-mān', -mēn') pronunciation

  1. Law. Possession and use of one's own land.
  2. Manorial land retained for the private use of a feudal lord.
  3. The grounds belonging to a mansion or country house.
  4. An extensive piece of landed property; an estate.
  5. A district; a territory.
  6. A realm; a domain.
[Anglo-French, respelling (probably influenced by French mesne, variant of Anglo-Norman meen, middle, in legal phrase mesne lord, lord who holds a manor of a superior lord) of Middle English demeine, from Anglo-Norman, from Old French demaine. See domain.]

Tutor's tip: The lord of the manor protected his "demesne" (the possession of land) by making sure that his neighbors thought it was their "domain' (complete and absolute ownership of land) too.



━━ n. 【法】(不動産の)所有; 所有地; 領地; 範囲, 領域 ((of)).